Tagging files in NAS (ROONALBUMTAG) does not work

I’m using ROCK 1.7 and local files in NAS and TIDAL & Qobuz on internet.

I wanted to look up my music files in NAS which is organized in tree folder structure.
Then I found the guide (https://help.roonlabs.com/portal/en/kb/articles/tags) which seems to work for my expectation.

So I have added new tag ROONALBUMTAG into files and set values “DG111 (1st)” like this.

However, I cannot see this new tag in the Roon even after re-scanning of storage. I expected new tag will be automatically generated in the roon when my file has this special tag.

More interesting part starts here… Actually a tag is there in the album like this.

But, tag seems ghost or something when I click it like this. “This tag was not found in your library”

**Q1: How do I solve this issue? **
Q2: Like I wrote, I just wanted to see only my album collection if necessary. Is there better way for this?

Hi @Changsup_Ahn,

Yes, you can use Focus for this. You can go to Inspector and choose storage location, and then choose only the local watched folders. This will exclude all streaming content.

Can you send one of these tagged files over to us? You can upload the file here:

Hi @dylan,
Thanks for quick feedback.

I have uploaded a sample FLAC file which I added tag. It would be great if I could resolve this issue!
BTW, Inspector in Focus do work to see only local files. But, finer granularity would be super for my case.

In that case, @Changsup_Ahn, tags are definitely your best bet. I’ll follow up once the team has analyzed the tracks you’ve shared.


Hi @dylan,
Any updates from team? Thx.

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