Tags not showing

Let me recreate what I see:

  1. Album view (or any other browser including tracks, artists, etc.),
    pick any album, I can see the list of tracks Select any track
  2. Hit the + button at the top of the page and select “Manage tags…”
  3. from the list of options I get the “Tag Manager” dialog box showing nothing but an empty text input box with a “Create” button

I cannot see the existing file tags in the dialog box… however, if I chose File Info from the album view, the dialog box that appears shows all the file tags correctly.

My setup is:
RoonServer (1.1 build 55) running on Windows 10 Pro, Core i5 (headless)
Wired Gigabit LAN
Data on Synology NAS (with SMBv3)
Client remote setup on Surface Pro 3 (Windows 10 Pro)
All music media is in FLAC lossless format, all Tags are there


Tareq, Tag manager is a utility for you to create, apply and manage your own tags. What Roon puts on, even though they look like Tags are “Genres”. You can manage Genres under Edit Album, Edit Fields. You can tell the difference because user generated tags are green. For example.

So Pop/Rock is a genre and can be edited as described above. The green tages, Blu-ray and Live are tags I made with the Tag Manager and applied to this album. You can focus by your tags, by going to the album collection, clicking on the little tag icon after the heart. Doing so will bring up a drop down of all albums you have tagged, how many have been tagged and by clicking on a tag you auto focus only on those albums. See below:

You will notice I’ve tagged 7 albums in my collection as Blu-Ray (they happen to be blu-ray rips). If I click on the blu-ray checkbox, then those 7 will be the only albums displayed. If I then checked opera, it would add any albums I checked as opera to the view. Note the logic between check boxes is a “OR” not an “AND”.

Hope that helps.

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