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I have a “Discovery” tag so I can come back to releases or artists and check them out.

I tagged a bunch of albums and 1 artist (David Bowie).

This view is correct:

If I tap on view artists in the tag, here’s what I see:

This is wrong, I did not tag any of these artists. Here is where it gets weird, Roon knows this:

Going to the artist Burial and tapping add to tag, it shows he isn’t part of that tag.

How do I fix this ?

And if you “view” the tag in album browser you will see all the Bowie albums in your library besides the non-Bowie albums from the Tag. You will most likely even get results if you load the Tag in the composition browser, even if you have never added a specific composition to the Tag itself. That is how Tags are designed to work in Roon. While you can Tag many different things (objects) in Roon, mixing object types in a single tag may make result sets somewhat unpredictable for the user.
So for your use case: Either create a “Discover Artists” that only contains artists or use your existing tag to jump to the stored content within (don’t open that Tag in any other browser).

Then this isn’t working as designed?

Correct me if I’m wrong but the argument against things like folders is that navigating you library this way is much better.

That isn’t true if Roon is unable to show only the items I’ve tagged.

Creating three tags for every tag is just going to result in a lot of duplicate tags (one for album, one for tracks and one for artists).

Apologies if I’ve read that wrong.

It is working as designed.

Roon shows you exactly the items you tagged if you look into the tag. Apply the tag on any other browser though, Roon will try its best to make the tag work in that browser, no matter what objects you included. Example: You create a tag which contains compositions, Roon will show you all the albums in your library that contain any (known to Roon) performance of the compositions from the tag if you load the tag in the album browser. If you load it in the artist browser, you may see the composers as well as all the main performers for the selected composition’s performances in your library.

Ok I understand now, I see what you mean.

Because the albums have that tag, when I go to the artist view, the tag rolls those albums up under artist.

Personally that kind of breaks its usefulness for me but I see that is how it is designed.

What you really want to do is combine tags and bookmarks.

If you focus on the tags “Discovery Artists” and “Discovery Albums” and make that a bookmark called “Discovery” then the bookmark will get closer to what you are looking for. You could add other items to the bookmark as well. Albums in your library you haven’t listened to, for example.

Thanks for the suggestion.

I think what I’m actually looking for is to be able to tag everything under one discovery tag and then filter by object (artist, album, track).

If I go via the three tags, it gets messy. While I could add a bookmark like you say, the underlying problem remains.

If I tag an album as discovery, I need that to be separate from artists that I tag.

To me this all feels like a mess when using it. It works great if I just used the tags on albums but the second I use that tag for tracks and artists, it breaks.

Roon is what roon is. I fully get what you would prefer. You could try a change request. You never know. There are other places where roon behaviour would make more sense if it was more context aware.

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Think you are both right, it works the way it works.

I think I’ll probably just have to rethink how I structure the tags.

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