Taiko Roon core stops playing intermittently - Tracks failed to load

Streaming only with Qobuz and Tidal. This happened a while back when the Taiko server’s time was set to it’s manufactured location in Netherlands. Eventually the Roon server core stopped communicating with end point.

Contacted Roon by email at the time and it was escalated. Was told to change server time from NL to CST and it worked for about 3 - 4 months. It started to intermittently stop playing (failed to load tracks) a few weeks ago. I had to wait 30 seconds to restart track to play again. Every 30-45 mins it stops playing. Nothing had changed in the local or WAN network.

Anyone else have this problem?

I use an iMac as core but will charge to the Taiko soon. Let me report in a few days.

Hi @Peter_Lim ,

Thanks for reaching out. I’ve activated diagnostics for your account and I noticed that you are using an old Roon 1.8 version for your Taiko Core. We have released an update to 1.8, can you please navigate to Roon Settings → About and take the latest update?

I have decided not to change core to the Taiko. It wouldn’t be practical for me.

Thank you Noris on monitoring the packets. I am not inclined to update to 2:0 as I don’t use any of those Roon features.
The problem is either the AT&T leased network is running security test on their network that causes the music packets to drop or something else is amiss. We did change to a new leased fiber circuit from AT&T and that is when I noticed Roon drops playing with message that says too many tracks failed to load, stopped playing. Ironically it just happened right now. Please look at your logs around 6.12 PM CST. Then waiting about less than a minute it will be able to play again. I would say it drops consistently playing 30 min-45 min.

What server app are using the Taiko music server? TAS, XDMS alpha? You know you can switch between Roon and Taiko’s native apps.

None I must admit. I bought the Taiko last year so TAS was really no option and my hifi dealer suggested that I wait for the XDMS until it is going full live. So only Roon right now. But can hardly wait for the XDMS so I might take it on in it’s current shape. What I read about it is very exciting.

Magnus. I am all in with Taiko, Purchased two of them, one for their native apps and the other specific to Roon. I have not had the pleasure of using XDMS waiting for their beta. WBF has all the high accolades for Taiko.