Task Manager no longer appears with the latest Roon on Windows 10

I cannot see how to reinstate it.

And I cannot see the options top right to minimise the window.

Is this a Windows 10 or Roon problem? Please advise as it is making editing unnecessarily tedious.

Hi John,

I’m not following you.

Task Manager, as in pressing Cntl, Alt, Del and then selecting the Windows “Task Manager” or alternatively just typing “Task Manager” into the Windows search bar?

That said, I don’t see how Task Manger is related to editing, so I guess I have the wrong end of the stick here. Can you elaborate.

Regardless of my understanding or lack of it, have you tried rebooting the PC?

Thinking about it some more, …

If by “Task Manager”, you mean “Task Bar” then I think you may have switched Roon into Full Screen Mode.

To switch Roon back, select the Roon “burger” menu top left and then from the menu, right at the bottom of the list, click on “Exit Full Screen”.

Hope that helps.




Apologies for being dumb and missing that option on the left.

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No worries John, glad your sorted now.

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