TEAC AI-301DA or other small integrated amp with USB DAC recommendation

Lately, I spend more time ripping CDs at my workbench than I do listening in my main room. I might as well have some high quality near field audio while I add to my Roon library.

A pair of KEF LS50 Wireless is tempting on many levels, but a $2000 solution probably is overkill. And the real sticking point is that I already have five KEF LS50 passives for a multichannel setup that is mothballed while I presently focus on two channel. So, I am thinking that hanging a pair of the KEF LS50 passives off of a small class D integrated amp with USB DAC might fit the bill.

Cursory research suggests that the TEAC AI-301DA is a leading contender to win the job.


But many other Roon users assuredly have more experience with desktop audio than I do. Thoughts or recommendations?


Hi WiWavelength, i can’t answer your question unfortunately, because i just popped onto the forum to look for nsweres to essentialy the same question myself, except in my case i am looking for a couple of small amps to power two roon zones.

I have been looking at the Bluesound Powernode 2 because its roon ready, but at 4 times the price of the TEAC because of a bunch of fruit that i don’t need -such as wireless streaming etc, it’s really hard to justify.

You you may have answered my question already :grin:

one more question, would this TEAC work with the Sonic Orbiter SE as the roon endpoint connected via usb?

Any help anyone can provide on alternative amps or whether this one will work with SOSE would be greatly appreciated.


I have an AI-301DA in a desktop system, mostly used for headphone listened but also drives a pair of kit speakers. It’s a great amp, nice that it has a sub-out (no crossover though) and it’s Bluetooth capabilities are actually quite useful! I upsample everything to DSD128 out to it.
For near field listening I think it would be great with the LS50s. I’m sure it would work well with the SOSE, seeing as it’s a USB DAC.