TEAC UD-501 with Roon

Hi All,

I’m looking for some advice from any Roon users that use/own the TEAC UD-501 on Mac OS X.

-If you use it, can you let me know if it works in “bit perfect” mode for all frequencies including DSD over DoP?
-Do you have any issues with this DAC + Roon?

I’m also looking for some general advice on a DAC that’s confirmed to work with ROON. I’ve looked at the compatible list on the Roon site already - but interested to hear what everyone else is using that’s confirmed to work (and not on the list).

Ideally I would like to meet the below requirements:
-cost = $1,000 or less
-can play every high res frequencies (24/88, 24/96, 24/192) up to and including DSD 128/512 over DoP
-can sit/look nice with other components as part of an existing stereo system
-includes headphone output which can drive 250 ohm headphones
-includes RCA outputs
-extra bonus if it also includes a phono input (though I haven’t see this on a DAC yet)

Looking forward to any suggestions. Thanks!

I have one of these, works very well with Roon and sounds lovely too.
It supports up to 384 kHz PCM and DSD5.6, either via DoP or ASIO. It’s no longer in production though and has been replaced by the 503 which supports DSD11.2.
If you can find a 501 I think you’ll like the result. I bought mine second hand and it came with after market bamboo side panels that had been cnc cut, looks great.

Hi @Jeremy_McNally - Thanks for the quick reply and feedback.

Glad to hear it works well! I saw the new 503 - but frankly, I think the 501 looks much nicer.
Are you by any chance also using the TEAC AX-501 with it? I’m curious if the VU meters on that will work when using the headphone output only - or if they need to be connected to speakers for them to work.

Bamboo side panels sound amazing…Nice find!

No other Teac gear in my set up. I’d be surprised if the VU meters didn’t work for headphone output too.

There’s another 501 with custom wood panels for sale on the Australian Stereo.net forum. I was thinking of buying it and then trying to find a third so I could use them for a stacked 5.1 DAC for my whole system. No idea how I’d get software to work with that though!

Yes, that would be tricky, but worse–since the device doesn’t have hookups for clock slaving, the timing would never be perfect.

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