Technique for faster copies to internal storage

If anyone wants to use the internal storage and has a large collection, be aware it takes forever to transfer the tracks onto the the drive via network connection from a NAS.

Another solution is to pop the storage drive out after Roon formats it. Then pop it in a USB 3.0 harddrive dock. Plug the dock into a USB 3.0 port on your NAS and copy it over via the NAS file manager. After it’s finished pop it back in the NUC. It will likely take 1/3rd the time or better.

Good advice here, Mike. It took 32 hours to transfer 1tb worth of data on my network from my NAS to the ROCK internal storage. Not sure why the speed never exceeded 7mbps but it was achingly slow. Constant worry about heat as the NAS and ROCK nuc were together on a small cabinet shelf with little ventilation. Dared not interrupt the process once it had begun. If I had to do it all over again I’d follow this advice here.

Wow no way!! I transferred 1.4tb in 3 hours this way!

But what kinda pissed me off is the exact same 1.4tb was already on the ext4 formatted drive prior to having to wipe it via Roon Rock and re-copy. Not sure why this is so necessary. Any drive formatted ext4 connected via SATA should just be recognized as a potential storage device.

With the freeware Daphile, it doesn’t give a shit what the drive is formatted in. It will recognize and utilize it as a SATA storage device just the same. If freeware can do this, I can’t see why payware can’t.

You get pissed off easily.


Well I’m not really pissed. I’m just using strong language to convey my emotions much as Danny did on his Computer Audiophile post to convey how Roon was superior to all other media players.

Referring to a post on another forum doesn’t really explain or excuse the strong language here. It is almost as if you are trying really hard to find something negative to say! Relax Mike, there are worse things than being forced to format a disk. You could always be positive and make a formal feature request! :slight_smile:


No my messages have been mostly positive. However I’m just speaking with adult language in a bro to bro like fashion like seemed comfortable in Danny’s CA post. It gave me the impression that the average Roon user wasn’t a whining bitch. Something I personally found refreshing in a hobby that consists of 99.99% men.

Looking at your avatar I see a man who sees himself as a man of strength and courage. Something we all need in this hobby.

I started building my ROCK NUC yesterday. Backed up my Win install and did a fresh install with ROCK. I decided to refresh the music from my NAS and the 1.8TB took about 12 hours from my Synology. I turned the storage off so that my library didn’t get imported until I finished the file copy. The import took a few hours this morning. I’m putting all my classical and jazz on an external drive next so that I’m not reliant on my NAS being on.

I think ROCK is brilliant. It was so easy to set up and it’s very fast. I’m hoping they’ll put the power off button on the iOS remote. I’ll be keen to see how well it works next time there’s a major update of Roon.

Congrats to the development team.

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OK, misinterpreted on my part. I am not quite sure why but I feel defensive about Roon, probably unnecessarily as the Roon crew are quite capable of speaking up for themselves. Let’s get back to talking about ROCK.

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You love us! It’s very flattering and we appreciate it a ton… It’s easy to get emotional when something touches you and it makes us feel great when we see that you all love the product and the way we conduct business.

We are happy to get the help since we are so few, and there are so many posts… But be careful to not get heated up and create stress for yourself and others.

@MiveraAudio’s post uses dramatic language that can easily shake the pot for many… He does it often… just check other posts of his :wink: but if you tone down his language, his point is both valid and worthy of an answer… A less provocative way to say the same would be “why am I required to format the internal storage when it already is formatted in a supported format?” … But we all have our own ways of talking and it’s what gives us all unique character.

We found a few issues here… we use volume labels to know what drives are what role, so we’d need to change your volume label at a minimum, and we can’t do that for all filesystem types we support. We also format with certain block sizes and inode ratios that most people don’t think about when they format, because we know exactly the types of files that will be stored on this disk. The final reason is that if the drive goes internal to the hardware, it is not really serviceable easily. At that point we want to take over the disk for support purposes and they is no way to make that more clear than a reformat. If you had photos or backups or whatever there, it’s now clear that you won’t have access to that stuff. Note that the internal storage works differently than USB storage - it automatically becomes the default music folder of the OS.

ROCK is very opinionated… Much more so than Roon. It’s what allows it to do what it does so tightly.

Ugh… that was not my intent at all in that post. I say very little (if anything) about Roon’s superiority in that post. It was all about billing and our business model. I’m sorry to have messed up the message so badly.

Oh I do love this forum, it is genuinely unique in the audiophile world (and most of the blooming internet) for its civility. Even when we have a ‘heated’ argument it’s done politely.

Mike - if you want to take a leaf from we Brits feel free to use the term ‘miffed’. Defined as ‘somewhat annoyed but nothing that a good cup of tea and a chat won’t fix’ !


Congratulation to your adult language.
Its never too late to learn a bit more.


I figured there was some reason for it. Now everyone knows why.

One of the things I appreciate greatly about this forum is that so far it hasn’t descended into the non-stop sniping so prevalent on boards like CA. A humble request from a lowly end-user to keep it that way.


I thought your 2 point 6’s were quite clear and to the point. To me they screamed loud and clear that they were coming from a man with confidence in his product. A trait that I greatly respect :slight_smile:

"6) Roon keeps getting compared to Audirvana+, HQPlayer, JRiver, etc… but that’s comparing apples to oranges. If you care about audio perfection beyond all else, either stick to their terrible user experiences, or spend the $ and get the best of both worlds (there is a reason the only software product we partnered with is HQPlayer). Yes, the ultimate experience costs you the ultimate price.
_ _
6) Our SQ is pretty awesome from a purist point-of-view, and if you disagree, that means either you are a) doing something wrong in your setup, or b) you prefer a modified non-pure sound that something like HQP excels at. We worked with Jussi extensively to get HQP+Roon working well, just as we do with many hardware partners who become “Roon Ready”. This strategy allows our partners to provide the many flavors of audio quality that people desire, while letting us focus on the music user experience. Both sides makes sure the others don’t fuck up their expertise. It works well."

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Visit the Sonos forums. Then you’ll feel like you’re in heaven when you return here.

I can just imagine the % of proponents of mediocrity is quite high over there. Go try and talk about BMW’s on a Kia forum and you’d run into the same issues.

“Pissed off” is strong, especially for something you presumably only need to do once, or rarely. There are much more annoying occasional tasks, for example, installing any flavor of Windows operating system on any computer (unless you’re lucky enough to have an unattended script). I usually reserve “pissed off” for much greater annoyances. On the other hand, if I want to give the pisser a good dressing down I usually try for language much more original and poetic.

As it happens, I was just thinking about John Cleese’s lampoon of fellow Monty Pythoner Terry Gilliam: "He has only two descriptions of things; ‘I really like that!’ and ‘That really pisses me off!’ "

It mainly pissed me off because I had company coming over that night and wanted everything setup before they came. I was assuming the 1.4tb of music already copied on my ext4 formatted drive would be recognized as my internal storage. As it was with my Arch based Roonserver I had running on the same NUC prior to the ROCK install. But I had to wipe it off and copy it all on again.