Temperature to high

Hi Guys,

Now that the temperature of the RPI motherboard is showing, I’m a little bit concerned.
It shows 60 degrees, is that to much?

That’s about right. Just don’t keep it on a hot DAC or other kit, as I did for a while.

Mine are at 49.4 and 39.5 C at idle (no Muisc playing) will report back if it changes with music playing.
The higher temp one is with a screen and in a more solid case.
the lower temp one is no screen and in a cheap thin vented case.

I’ll remove the feature :wink:

But no, this is nothing to be concerned about.

Hi Harry, don’t remove the feature, I was just curious.

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Which Pi is this and what case do you use? I’ve found the 3B to be hottest of the bunch.

Depending on the case, I usually remove the sides and put the whole thing on a side, so there’s a bit of convection going on. Shaves off a few degrees. If your case is more like the official Pi case, you could remove the top.

But all in all, 60 degrees C is nothing to worry about.