TestFlight Roon ARC expiring soon - Is an update Required?

Says only 7 days left on the early access test flight for arc? Are we getting an update soon? Thank you


What happens in two days when I start my commute using ARC?

Simple, the app stops working, unless an update is pushed in TestFlight. You can of course install the latest version from the App Store for the time being.

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It will expire very soon, I will have to install the oficial App Store available, hope it works with the early access build, it’s not the first time I see a developer to forget to update the beta builds.


Roon ARC Build 207

Expires in 11 hours.

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Affected Product

Roon ARC

ARC Issue Category

Description of Issue

TestFlight Expired for Roon ARC (ref#K9498I)

Roon Core Platform


Roon Core Specifications

Early Access

Connected Audio Devices


Home Network Details

Roon Core on WiFi

Hi @vova, @noris,
Can you shed some light on this please.

I don’t think you are alone with this … TestFlight is reporting:

Roon ARC
Tester Removed
The developer removed you from the test programme.

If you haven’t closed the app you can still use it by swiping up from the bottom of the screen. Don’t know if that will work when iOS eventually kills it from running in the background.
I guess the most annoying thing is that the issue with slow download speeds still persists thus it’s somewhat ironic that I have to go through that process again because of the lack of updates

Hi All,

Thanks for the reports here. Testflight apps by default expire after 90 days, so this is why it says expiring soon. If you check Testflight, do you have the option to install any of the newer builds? These should have different expiration dates:

The last early access ARC build was 207. Yesterday when I checked Test Flight this was all that was in there, not the newer builds you seem to have

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“Roon ARC” Beta Has Expired

There is NO TestFlight option to install.

Build 220 from App Store seems to work.

Arc was removed from test flight as it was expired. Uninstall it and install production version from the App Store.

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this was a pretty big miss by Roon I am disappointed with their lack of communication


Definitely agree with you on this.

Will a new version be made available in Testflight?

When I try to open ARC I get a popup that the beta expired.
Will a new version be put in TestFlight?.
Currently only Roon remote is available

Downloaded the regular app store version to be able to use ARC

Hello All,

Apologies for the inconvenience, I checked with the team and we are still working on resolving this issue. It looks like we will need to generate new ARC early access builds, we will update everyone on this thread once that is complete.


Very unprofessional I must say. Cannot come as any surprise, that the testflight version was about to expire.
Heads up. Roon remote expires in 19 days.


No one forced you to use early access testing versions - they‘re bound to fail in all sorts of manners.

I keep using production because I want my music system to run as reliable as possible.

No-one expects test versions to fail because of neglect by the developer, I hope.
Also Roon expects you to keep the remotes on the same build version as the core. (production/early access)

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