Testing new IOTAVX NP3 Streamer

I just got the new IOTAVX NP3 Streamer (£499) that has almost everything you need.
Wifi, BT (optional AptX adapter), SPDIF In/Out, CD Player, Front and back USB A, USB B, DAB and FM Radio. Connection to Spotify, Deezer, Tidal, Qobuz, TuneIn, etc. Volume control, trigger in/out…
I have connected it to a Raspberry Pi (USB) - LAN- NUC with The Rock. Playing all my stuff through ROON. Excellent sound quality.


What you really need to do is petition IOTA to make it fully Roon Ready so you can throw the Pi away! A decently equipped Roon Ready streamer is sorely needed in that price bracket.


While it may have its issues outside of Roon and HQplayer the iFi Zen Stream does fit the bill you refer to at $399 usd.
See this thread though for its “problems”
And yes while not officially Roon Ready it does work flawlessly with Roon right now.
New iFi Zen Stream device - Audio Gear Talk - Roon Labs Community

I’m considering getting this streamer with other IOTAVX components. Are you happy with it? There aren’t any reviews of it on YouTube. Any feedback would be great.

Here a pretty detailed review. I have already working my NP3 for about a month and working excellent with ROON so far.

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