Text scrolling problem on iPad

Core Machine

Intel NUC8i7BEH / ROCK / v1.8 Build 790

Network Details

ActionTec C3000A modem+router → ethernet cable → Core

Audio Devices

Marantz AV7704 connected to NUC via HDMI

Roon Remote: iPad 9.7 inch 6th generation, iPad OS 14.4.2, connected over wireless. Roon 1.8 build 790

Description of Issue

For a variety of reasons, I have sat down to listen seriously to a whole album only a handful of times since Roon was updated from 1.7 to 1.8. The remote I use when I do this is the iPad listed above.

On two of my two or three occasions of serious listening since the 1.8 update, Roon Remote on the iPad has displayed the following behavior (which I never once encountered with Roon 1.6 or 1.7):

When I scroll the text that I am trying to read (description of album or composition), it keeps jumping back to the top as I scroll. I have movies of this behavior on two occasions, but have not yet figured out how to upload the movies here.

I do not remember seeing this issue discussed/reported, and I was unable to find the previously pinned topic on “Roon 1.8 issues being addressed by Support” (or something like that) to check whether this is listed there.

Has anyone else encountered this issue?

And @support can you help with this please? For me, this makes usage of Roon for its intended “magazine/museum” purpose extremely unpleasant – essentially, impossible. I can provide the movies to document what happens (especially if you can provide a brief description of how to do upload movies :slight_smile:

To clarify, I have no problem actually playing the music. The issue is entirely with the Roon Remote UI/UX on iPad.

Thanks in advance for any help/information.

OK, I figured out how to convert videos to gifs and post links. Hopefully these will make the problem more concrete:

On March 3:

Today, on April 29:

Again, @support can you help please?

Hey @otinkyad,

Thanks for following up on your email and for sharing in such detail the problem you’re running into - it is very clear how that would prevent you from enjoying a deep dive into the rich metadata Roon has to offer. So sorry about that!

I’ve moved this thread into our technical team’s queue, but, while they get a chance to reply, could you please:

  • uninstall the Roon Remote app on your iPad
  • reset the iPad
  • reinstall the Roon Remote app

And, if by any chance you have a smart phone or another tablet you could use as a remote, could you please temporarily install the Roon Remote app on it and see if the same thing is happening?

Thanks in advance :pray:

Hi @otinkyad,

Just a (possibly unrelated) question: is this scrolling problem manifesting itself on screens with text on the left and artist icons on the right? If so, does it scroll smoothly when you slide your finger up and down the artist icons on the right-hand side but jump as described when you scroll the left-hand side text?

This is something that was reported early on in 1.8 and I’m wondering if it’s the same bug.


Hello — thanks for the reply —

By reset do you mean reboot? If you mean reset to factory settings, that won’t be feasible for me. Could you let me know please?


Yes, @beka means reboot the iPad.

Cheers, Greg

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Rebeka: stumbled across your suggested resolution….and, it worked for me on my iPad. Thank you. The issue was incredibly frustrating and made for a less than desirable Roon experience.

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Hey @Todd_Bahner and welcome to the Roon community :wave:

I’m so happy you chose to let us know that three simple steps improved your Roon experience :heart:

Enjoy the music!