+1 for this new version
ARC + Apple Silicon :heavy_check_mark:
I’m happy camper

Completely agree with James! Well done Roon team…this is a game changer! Superb.

And it works incredibly well ! Above all expectations :clap::clap::clap:

Thank’s Richard, that’s good to hear; did you have to patch Catalina to get ARC to run on the Mac Mini?

Well, good that you mention it. My Mac Mini was already running Catelina (and is now on Monterey) using OpenCore Legacy Patcher. I almost forgot about it, until a friend asked me to update his Mac Mini (also a 2011 server version) as he could not update his Roon software as he was still running El Capitan.

EDIT: updating my friend’s Mac Mini to Monterey failed. The reason appears to be his fusion drive, which is a (partial) mechanical drive. All MacOS from High Sierra onwards are running on the AFPS filesystem that is optimised for (and only supports) SSD drives. So he might need to update his drives to SSD before being able to run Monterey on his Mac Mini 2011. I did already install SSDs in my Mac Mini in the past so that explains why Monterey and Roon 2.0 run like a breeze on my Mac Mini and not on his.


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Very important the use of **
** on the Go
Very often in a place with no WiFi and no 4G too , so completely offline
So I use the music downloaded in my iPhone
Roon ARC for iOS should be updated cause I find from time to time some Bugs
Like for exemple , the music downloaded in my phone don’t runny I’m obliged to go online to run it and after I come back offline witch don’t stop the run !

A success no less

Indeed, the switch to SSD is transformative on the older Macs, my iMac was an easy change as the screen is held by magnets not glue, i runs so much faster compared to the mechanical drive.
As your experience with the patch has been so good I’ll probably give it go; don’t fancy being left behind in a lay-by as everyone else is disappearing over the horizon!


Seconded … thirded … or, whatever multiple of the appreciation I am at this point: great work.

Here’s the reality: for most (all?) of us here, the “focussed” listening experience is of utmost importance … but it’s not the only listening experience. We kept another service/app appendage hanging around for the non-home use cases. And that was kind of OK—roon wasn’t designed for casual listening—but also kind of sucked: we’d built roon libraries we loved, and having to mess with other subpar apps felt like needless overlap.

ARC / roon 2.0 means I (we) can go all-in on roon and lessen our dependence on the other stuff. A win for roon, a win for customers.

You’ve kept the “home” and “on the go” experiences separate, which I appreciate, and I hope others do as well. They have totally different needs, and conflating them because “they both are about playing music!” was always the wrong mindset. I’m curious what the usage stats between the two apps will look like over time.

I hope the market and your customers reward roon for this.

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