Thanks for NUC 10 Rock compatibility

I have been running ROCK on a NUC 10 with little trouble for a month or so. I did have to make some BIOS changes to install and to use an USB-Ethernet dongle to get network connectivity, but, once I got it running, the only minor hiccup has been that I sometimes need to remove and reinsert the dongle to establish a network connection after reboot.

After installing today’s ROCK update, I briefly couldn’t find the NUC at its static IP address, but I was able to find it by accessing a DHCP-assigned address that I found in the control app settings. Once at the web UI, I found that I had two enabled Ethernet connections, one at the static and the other at the dynamic address.

It occurred to me that the update might be the NUC 10-compatible update that @danny mentioned, so I experimented. I shut down the NUC, detached the dongle, inserted the Ethernet cable, and restarted the NUC. It immediately popped up at its bookmarked static address and has been maintaining a network connection all morning.

The dongle method worked pretty well, but I am happy to see the hardware working as intended and Roon supporting the current NUC versions officially. Thanks for that.


After trying Roon (I like the simplicity and metadata presentation) on the PC (and after years of JRiver and Foobar usage) I finally decided I needed something much easier (after a day of work I just want to hit play, no fiddling), so I installed Rock on a 10i7 NUC (8i7 getting harder to find here in Switzerland, besides prices are almost the same, so I was waiting for it to be supported) with a 512gb samsung 970 nvme Evo and 32 gb ram
Installation went smoothly, after updating bios I just had to disable Modern Standby in Power management and disable Secure Boot in Boot in order to enable Legacy
About 14 tb of classical, jazz, blues, r&b, rock (mainly high def)

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What is the bios version in your NUC? I am having a problem Legacy activated in 10i7. Thanks

Now it’s 0044 (most recent version)
Remember, in order to enable Legacy you have first to disable Modern Standby and Secure Boot

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That was what I had but I had to repeat diabling Moden Standby and Secure Boot several times to get Legacy activated. Frustrating… Couldn’t have done it without your earlier postings. Thanks.

Completely new Roon user here - on day 2 of my trial.

I thought I’d roll my own Roon installation using ROCK instead of having basically the same thing with a $1400 nucleus. Read up on compatible NUCs, and went out and bought the supported NUC10i7FNH, 16BGB & a 1TB M.2 SSD. Upgraded BIOS to 0044 from 0032 and - after about 3 hours of getting the ducks lined-up (Modern Standby to enable Legacy Booting…who knew?) - appear to be running a very stable ROCK.

Fingers crossed. :crossed_fingers:

Incidentally, IMHO the folks at RoonLabs are pretty brilliant to allow folks to roll their own servers… the memberships naturally follow.