Roon OS going nuts today build 1.0.221

Have you been reading the other posts on the forum?

I guess not. :smirk:

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I had seen one of them, the first one above, when I posted, but it concerned a NUC 8, so I didn’t think it relevant to my unit.

I hope that management can help those with issues get things sorted out.

@xxx this has been sorted out – post mortem post coming soon.

Will this be an automatic update to the Nucleus?

Can’t wait.

Nothing against the OP. It’s just the timing that made me laugh.

Long day for you (I’ve been there, but mine where usually In the middle of the night), so I guess it isn’t funny.

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Yes, but if you got into a bad state, it will require a usb key to recover. Only a handful of people in that boat.

I won’t know until I get home Saturday, but I have no idea what a USB key is.

Thumb drive, probably bootable.

But what is on the thumb drive and where will we get it? I just want to understand what to do if this happens Saturday.

I guessing, since you’ve been away and therefore not trying to use your Nucleus after the update, that you probably won’t have any troubles.

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