Thankyou Dan, Harry, Jan and Chris (plus other developers) 🎅

I wanted to open a festive thread to invite Roon users to thank @Dan_Knight and @spockfish (Harry ten Berge) for their continued development and support on this forum of DietPi and RoPieee respectively.

As a keen user of both I can attest to the trouble free and soundworthy nature of their respective projects. They have definitely lowered the difficulty bar in establishing new Roon endpoints. (@RBM will recall the blundering about we used to engage in).

Each project is freeware, making it available to Roon users of all means. The support and participation on this forum of each author is swift, courteous and helpful and has won them many fans.

Both Dan and Harry have PayPal donation pages. Dan will even take Bitcoin !:

DietPi Donation Page

RoPieee Donation Page

If you use and like their stuff, consider slipping them a drink for Christmas. I will be.


Thanks Andy, very kind of you, much appreciated :slight_smile:

Wishing you a merry xmas aswell, all the best for your family and friends.


I think some of the API developers should be included too like @Jan_Koudijs (and others) and lets not also forget @crieke for all his QNAP and Synology work that many I know appreciate. I changed the topic but there are others that should also be included just the names escape me :blush:

And all the testing folks…probably a small army. Thanks to the Roon guys for all the support they give behind the scenes for all these folks in these roles.


By all means, feel free to include donation pages for others also. Anyone who has contributed their development skills in aid of Roon is alright in my book.


No, no, no, no. Just no.

Remember the days of carelessly hacking around to get the first Pi-based endpoints going – first with Squeeze and NAA, later with Roon Bridge. Multipage tutorials (link provided for entertainment purposes only) to try and share the newfound knowledge? These gentlemen have taken all the fun out of it.

On a more serious note: yes, a thank you is in order – not just for adapting or creating the software, making it easy for basically anyone to add a low-cost endpoint to Roon, but also for participating in the community, offering support and answering user questions. Great job, guys.

If you are using the fruits of their labours (or plan on doing so), a contribution (no matter how small) is a great way to show a bit of appreciation and to make sure this software is still around when you need it. Lots of small drips keep these projects going.

PS: Wouldn’t make ‘Dan & Harry’ good a title for a sitcom? Maybe next year… :wink:


And thanks to @andybob for reminding me to send a little holiday cheer to @Dan_Knight. My DietPi-based Roon endpoint (with Allo DigiOne) is so problem free that I forget it’s there. All it does is work without problems and sound great. What fun is that?


Yes thank you for the reminder. I have 3xDiet-Pis on the go as Roon endpoints and had been meaning to send something Dan’s way for a while. image

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Thanks @andybob and @wizardofoz.

Looking back at the year I realize that threads like this one, the great achievements of the Roon team and this nice community are the reasons why I wanted to give something back. And once you start there is no way back :wink:

Merry Xmas to all community members!


I would also like to thank @Mike_Plugge , as it was his Web Controller post that got me interested in the Roon API and lots of other stuff I don’t quite understand yet, but will eventually…:slight_smile:


Thanks @Anthony_B!

It was the amazing music library that initially attracted me to Roon.

But I have had a vision for a web based music controller for years, and it was the Roon API that let me realize that vision. The Logitech Media Server’s questionable future and mpd’s lack of dealing with album art were deal breakers for me. And it was @St0g1e that inspired me to release something publicly and his code was instrumental to mine being in existence.

So thank you @St0g1e and thank you to Roon Labs for not only the amazing, benchmark setting music library, but also for the APIs!



I send a little donation for your perfect solution!


I can only echo the thanks and praise for all distros and for all tinkering with the API :man_technologist:

Dietpi has freed me from the tyranny of relying on @RBM to tie my shoelaces in Linux.

The alarm function has made my annoying iPhone alarm redundant.

And (rather appropriate to the season) it is all done with such good will.

Heath and happiness this Christmas season to them all.



ROON is one of my most frequently used software solutions and it is also the one with the fewest crashes and problems!
Great job

Greetings and best wishes for the holidays and the new year to the whole Roon-Team and all of you here in the forum.