"The Beatles are overrated." Discuss!

“It’s our fault, not theirs… we have a very hard time saying goodbye to the things we love.”

Chris Richards suggests that watching the “Get Back” documentary is a poor use of time, considering all the new music that’s being made and could be listened to, instead.


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Part 2, about 2:03:55 or so, early in the Two of Us take, Paul and John, acoustic guitars, looking at each other as they sing “on our way back home” in perfect Beatles harmony. The looks on their faces, John going “yeah.” That got me. It was the entire Lennon-McCartney story condensed into about three seconds.

No programmers, no autotune. Just musicians. And friends.

Guess guys like Richards don’t understand all that or how we got where we are.


Some excellent tunes, but a lot of filler

One thing was evident The Beatles, maybe by accident, achieved a special situation. They started as a local band of kids just playing tunes. They made a living as a cover band. Then wrote hit songs for the public in the same vein as the songs they were covering. But when they stopped playing live, after logging hours on stage few bands can match, they started writing songs for each other.

Get Back showed them bringing new songs for each other, getting caught up in the details of exhaustively working them out. Ultimately, as their resignation to just play on the roof showed, they didn’t care about an audience. They were like guys in a garage by themselves playing tunes unconcerned about making it. Even after the success of Dark Side of the Moon, Pink Floyd never came full circle to a place where they were just 4 guys jamming together with new tunes they wrote.

What’s also interesting is that, arguably, without the band, McCartney, Lennon and Harrison, after the early 70s, never achieved the same compositional greatness. Their best songs as solo artists were written in the immediate aftermath of The Beatles break-up. I think they needed each other to realize songs like Here Comes the Sun, Hey Jude, and Strawberry Fields.


It’s just a newspaper and writer looking for clickbait headlines.
Here’s the column in a nutshell: " the Beatles were truly great, but instead of watching that long documentary, we should be listening to good music from today".

Ok, so what.

Like I said, clickbait.

Gosh! The Beatles overrated, I’ve never heard that put forward before. Such an original thought.


The ancient ‘Beatles vs Stones’ argument has also been dug up recently too.

Over/under-rated is a context sensitive assessment IMO.

I enjoyed the ‘McCartney 3,2,1’ series, a good insight into The Beatles songs and song writing. I am not sure I have the stamina for 6.5 hours of ‘Get Back’ though :laughing:

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Also Id say, listen to whatever you like not what the press tell you too!

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Yes, some of it might be tedious for casual fans. They should at least skip to part 3 and the rooftop performance. That alone is worth the $8 one month subscription.

I have very fond memories of my dad’s 8 track playing the likes of Love Me Do and Hard Days Night when I was a kid in the early 70s

Excellent pop, to this day

I tried to revisit/expand on their work years ago, but came to the conclusion 95% of it wasn’t for me, and in fact, I still don’t understand the hype

That said, I was only just born when they became popular so I didn’t experience the buzz of that time


You don’t watch Get Back to listen to the music, you watch it to see and hear musicians creating music, and to be entranced by one of the great musical relationships of all time, especially the love between Paul and John. Billy Preston said that the room glowed when those four guys were in it and you can feel it. And the moment when Billy Preston sits down to play and the whole vibe lifts is extraordinary. Great to see him getting a credit for all the tracks he played on.


I imagine I’ll watch “Get Back” at some point. Will it be better than “Standing in the Shadows of Motown” or “The Wrecking Crew” or even “Festival Express”? Doubt it. Now that I have basically everything at my fingertips (thanks to Roon), I find I listen to Motown or Miles Davis or even Linda Thompson more than the Beatles.

Can’t you do both
What is the matter with young people ?

I highly suspect ‘young’ on here starts with
Life begins at

And almost certainly only includes 49% of any demographic

Well, most generally, lack of experience.


Chacun pour soi.

When I was young I knew everything, now I know even less.


I found the documentary interesting, how from “nothing” something great appears.

I think it give some insight to how the dynamic in the group was, and how much their manager was a part of holding the band together.

Paul really seemed as the one who tried to keep them on track.

And I can’t get enough of the Beatles…:grin:

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Lousy taste in music?

(So many answers to this question…)

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