The button switching between Artist and Composer not there

The button switching between Artist and Composer is not there anymore when on a Composer page. If you are on an artist page, you see the familiar Artists/Composer switch. But once I switch to Composer the button is not there anymore…I guess that is a bug?

Thanks a lot!!

Hi, @Florian_Loffler1, thanks for your report! May I ask you to post a screenshot of the page where you are seeing this issue? Is it a certain artist affected by that issue?



The first screenshot is of the “Composer” page of Madonna, which I also, strangely, am being directed when I click on “Madonna” under “Artist” in the search. As you can see the familiar switch between Artists and Composer is missing in that one. The second is the “Artist” page with all the albums, TIDAL, and so on. Which I am only able to access via clicking on the “Artist” of an actual Madonna album. Here we have the switch.

Hi @Florian_Loffler1,

This is an issue that occurs when you only have an artist in your library as a composer and not a performer. If you were to add one of Madonna’s main albums to your library you would find that this issue fixes itself. We have a ticket open with the team regarding this behavior. I can’t promise any timelines for when this will be resolved, but it’s something the team is aware of and investigating.

Thanks for the report!

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