The Coffee (and tea!) thread - and you thought audiophiles were finicky :-)

Is there any interest in a coffee thread? Prompted by @Frans_Goddijn using his Roon core laptop to control his coffee roaster as well - that’s dedication to a good cup. See ‘Showing (off) your Roon setup’ thread, post 4788 onwards - this is his system


I have moved the coffee posts to this tread. Let me know if I have missed any! RBM.


Some may feel this is slightly off topic but since you ask – lots about the roaster and the software is on my blog, for instance this entry which also has pictures of the roaster:


Love the roaster and the music setup. Two essentials combined. Perfect.

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Mods (@rugby) ?- can we put this into a separate coffee thread please, I suspect we will have a few posts.

Frans - how much do you roast each time?

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If the new thread can be made in the appropriate spot that would be great.

I typically charge 1500g of green beans. This evening I roasted Cuban beans. After roasting, losing moisture, chaff and some other materials in the process, I had 1266g of roasted beans, of 44% less density but 50% more volume so that went well and a color brown measuring #93 on the Tonino scale :wink:


Thanks :slight_smile:

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My rather modest setup is an inexpensive (burr) grinder and this Clever Dripper filter whatsit. It’s actually rather good - my Gaggia sits on the side unused. I’m sure it would make better coffee but the CD is so much easier…

That quote is priceless on a streaming forum! :smiley:


Thanks! Much appreciated.

very nice!

I gave a dear friend of mine a Comandante hand grinder (red wood with a red felt coat) and a simple ceramic/metal drip coffee set:

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A couple of brew brands I’ve tried recently are Black Rifle Coffee and Intazza. Both were excellent.

Coffee… Spoon Jar… Jar Spoon…

Never mind coffee machines, there looks to be a few lovely old signal generators in that picture. Can’t really see too well, but the one on the left looks extremely familiar. I recall using something similar during my electronics apprenticeship days. It had the same slow-turn geared dial, probably made by Marconi Instruments or other Brtish maker.
Apologies for the slight thread diversion, back onto coffee…




Tea/Coffee just Caffeine alternatives…whatever floats your boat…Just dont do decaf - I mean what’s the point…well I guess maybe some might have to for health reasons - to me its like non alcohol beer.

Now, I love a de caff tea and coffee in the evening… Heresy I know… but, it’s satisfying

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I drink both too - got to be a cuppa first thing. Although I did switch to decaf tea so I could drink more coffee.

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Not quite as good but get some decent decaf beans and they can be pretty good. I bought a kilo in the new year to get 2020 off to a good start by drinking decaf for a month. Have to say i was crawling up the walls for some caffeine by the end of it though.

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Is that the equivalent of music - Bose, Bose - music?

Says he with a Bose Mini-Link 2 speaker that gets a lot of use. I’ve also reviewed many of their devices over the years and liked them. The SoundDock 10 was a monstrous riot of a BT speaker. Sorry…getting off thread.

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TBH I bought a pair of 101’s 2nd hand that I still use for the kitchen but about to move to the bathroom on a RPi with IQAudIO Digiamp+. The other Bose I bought second hand was a pair of original 901’s with EQ in a garage sale for AU$40 which now sit in the BOSE museum in Sydney as I traded them with the Bose ASEAN manager who my dad new, for a CD wave Radio (still have but not used in years) and $1000 of a LS8 surround system with white speakers for my Dad. in the old days they had some good ideas but now its not something I would consider…bar maybe ANC headphones which I have a pair of IEM ones and the mrs has a pair of QC25’s I think. But I think Im in the wrong thread now.

Back OT I just did some cold brew overnight in the fridge 24hrs … very smooth but next time ill grind more coarsely as filtering took like an hour to drip thru.