The dead's debut songs how to transfer to ROON

Hi- I downloaded from all the debut songs(ie the first time they sang/performed the song) of the dead from 1966-1995. They sitting in a folder on my screen page and are all listed in my download files.I dragged the file onto a ‘new playlist’ on ROON it asked me if I wanted to copy it I said ‘yes’, a flywheel in the upper right corner spun around and stopped-yet the playlist says it is empty and instructs me to hit’+’ or create a new folder still nothing happens. How can I transfer these songs? Do I have to drag each individual song from the download files?-ugh! I apparently have duplicates of all these songs on various dead albums or so ROON tells me but I would like them all on one playlist despite some of them being quite UGLY!
thanks bobbmd

You’re going to have to ensure they’re tagged as a discrete album or series of albums and then move the folder containing the info the Roon watched folder structure.

thank you-I didn’t do either of those things will try it

If you make it one very long album break it up into discs of max 100 tracks per disc by adding a discnumber tag. Otherwise increment discnumber for each change in session etc. or whatever you want to use to distinguish different sets of tracks from one another.

Rename the files “discnumber-track - title.flac”

These aren’t discs they are mp3 downloads of individual songs performed at various venues from 1966-1995 and there are 185 or so songs but I will try your suggestion thanks