The fundamental problem of network traffic?

So I’m new to Roon and I’m enjoying it but…
Is there a solution to the problem of network traffic. I’m listening to an album streaming from my Mac Mini through a Gigabit switch to various hard wired end points and all is fine until I need to do anything else like, transfer a file from one computer to another or in fact even send an email…playback stutters and sometimes stops.
So is there a way to cocoon my roon!? i.e isolate that network, apportion an amount of speed to it and isolate it? I think you can do that with intelligent high end switches from Cisco but I’m not in that league unfortunately.
thanks for any help.

Troubleshooting networks remains a dark art to me.

One thing that plagued my network for awhile: a network loop. It created an enormous amount of excess traffic.

There are network gurus around here, but your job one is to tell them your network setup: hardware, wiring, who’s connected to what.

I’ve never had a network bandwidth problem. There’s more than enough bandwidth for Roon and others. If you’re trying to do things on the same machine as the Roon core, then I would say you are CPU bound, rather than network bound.

Improper setting of managed switch options drives Roon mad. Best not to attempt.

And good to know…it could indeed be the CPU on the Core machine.
I’ll investigate.

Hello @anp

Can you let me know the model/manufacturer of all your networking gear and how everything is connected? I would also suggest that you take a look at our Networking Best Practices Guide for any useful suggestions there.


I have a very busy network and never any issues, even to wireless endpoints. I would say if your runnig core on a general purpose computer that you use for other things then its likely the culprit. Also if you are using wireless for the core and endpoints then this will but a big drain on your wireless network. Wireless unlike wired is not duplexd so up/down traffic comes out of your overall wireless throughout which for domestic routers and access points is not always great.

Great this is really useful, thanks all. Simon…I _am_running the core on a mac mini which is using wifi to get to the switch. This Macmini is also my TV and iPlayer which might not be ideal!
I used to use a Powerlan but it caused so much interference on my power that my studio speakers were un-useable… so I’ll need to think how to get to the switch without wifi.

OK time to rethink my network!

I found the Mini and especially macOS to be not quite up to the task.

To further my point about bandwidth and machine juice; sometimes I play a movie thru Plex with the sound down and select appropriate music to play in Roon.

All on the same i5 and thru the same switches, FWIW.

OK…I also have a MacPro so I will put Core on that…and that goes over Cat5 straight to the Giga switch which then goes out to the endpoints.
The only worry with that is that the MacPro is my main machine for other audio work…I guess I won’t be using Roon though whilst on the MacPro doing other audio work