The Jimi Hendrix Experience - Winterland [Box Set]

I have some issues with getting 2 composition recognised.

Disc 1 - Sunshine of Your Love is not recognised as the Cream (credits Eric Clapton, Jack Bruce, Pete Brown) composition.
Disc 3 - Sunshine of Your Love is recognised as the above one.
The credits in disc 3 were correct, the ones in disc 1 were wrong so I adjusted them to be the same as disc 3 but still the track is not recognised as same composition.

Disc 2 - Like a Rolling Stone is recognised as Bob Dylan Composition
Disc 3 - Like a Rolling Stone is not recognised as Bob Dylan Composition. As in the previous case the original composer was not credited properly but adding him to the extra credit and taking away Hendrix from composer doesn’t solve the problem.

Is any way to tell Roon this song is the same song of a given composition? I find this extremely frustrating. Same box set, same songs, two different CDs, different results.
I get that the metadata cannot be perfect and I am more than willing to fix them myself but in cases like this it seems I don’t have the tools to do it. Or I am missing something obvious?


Select track.
Go to edit function. (three vertucal dots)
Within the edit track screen, you can choose to edit credits, and add, subtract, or change credits.
I did just the edits you mentioned on the Winterland album, and it now is corrected.

Weird it doesn’t work for me.
For example For sunshine of your love

This is the correct one from disc 3. You can see I have 4 other version of this song

and these are the credits.

This is the wrong one

and this are the credits matching the one used in the Cream Credits. Pete Brown is the correct one. Peter Brown of the other one is a broken link

What happens when you try deleting and adding credits?

Hi Danny,

the last picture shows adding and deleting credits. Eventually I get the credits as per picture

But the result doesn’t change and the cd icon doesn’t show up

I renamed Pete Brown with his full name to avoid confusion with the Jazz player (see my post Pete Brown Mishmash need disambiguation)

@marcor Hi Marco, when composer credits are available to us in the backend metadata, any composition associated with a track cannot be changed on the client by editing its name or the composer credits. This limitation might change in the future, but we have no timescale for such a change.

In the case of this box-set, there are three bad composer attributions: the two you’ve identified and the attribution for “Wild Thing” (disc 3 track 11) which was written by Chip Taylor of The Troggs. I’ve asked Rovi to correct these and imagine that the correct metadata will hit your library within a week or so. You might want to undo your edits so you can see if/when the updates arrive.

thanks Joel,

this is great to know, I tried several time to change the composer without luck that I though I was doing something wrong.