"The KLF" - discography mixed up

The discography of artist “The KLF” is mixed up with another artist (“2K”). See screenshot. Only the last 2 albums are from “The KLF”:

All albums displayed are from Tidal - in the Tidal App it is not mixed up:

Thanks! :slight_smile:

Interesting, I have a couple of CD rips (chill out and white room):

I’m Qobuz and the web player shows the same two albums as the Tidal app.

According to this link:

I checked with Allmusic - they have it not mixed up. Root cause must be somewhere else…

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The KLF released one single as 2K, but apparently there are a buch of other artists using the name, and they all get lumped together here.

It’s sad isn’t it? There’s probably dozens or hundreds of threads here regarding this type of issue.

I find about 1 to 2 a week. I need to start reporting them all.

Gosh! That must be close to two tenths of one percent of the total album population. Scandalous!