The Look of Love composition issues

Version and search differences…how to train/fix


“The Look of Love” very popular track frm Bacharach/David. This albums lists THREE versions.

Which artists cover?

Hang on, if a search is started for “The Look of Love”, there’s a whole page. Hello, it’s the same title, why aren’t all versions listed…?

BUT! If you open another artist page from the search results, there’s more versions now, not THREE but 27! The original Maralyn Scott Handpicked still shows 3.

Do you have two compositions? Go to the compositions browser and filter on the title. I suspect you will see two - one showing 3 performances, one showing 27. Select both and merge.

OTOH, why not open a support thread before doing the merge so we can actually figure out what is going on and implement a fix (for both the OP and everyone else) if necessary?

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The metadata for the composers is different but the same… combos of the same, sometimes Bacharach first, then David, or the other way around, first names as well and completely different songs, that happens.

The added compositions are now updated.

Never clicked on the Compositions, now I can see how they work, thanks!

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