The new Roger Waters album has no waveform

Have downloaded the new Roger Waters Album, 48/24
When I play it, the bar at the bottom, shows just like a Tidal album, just a stright line.
Have other users noticed the same?

That will change as soon as your machine finishes analysing the files.

It has finished.


Can you double check in Roon Settings if these are enabled:

  • Background Audio Analysis
  • On demand Audio Analysis
  1. Trotteled
  2. Fast

All other newly added albums are OK.

Have you tried edit album --> re analyse album?

Yea I have

I earlier had the 44/16 version, and that was ok

The 48/24 is from HD Tracks

Ok so it does sound like it’s related to the files themselves. I’ll tag @support … they may wish to look at your logs and/or get a copy of the album so they can check it.

It sounds good though!, his best album in two and a half decade.
It has a range of 11, so some analysis has been going on.

Hey @Peter_Leinslie – can you PM me a link to one of the tracks? If you can upload it to Dropbox and generate a link that’s great, but if not let me know and I’ll give you a way to upload it directly to us.


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I have downloaded the file from HDTracks, 48/24, I see the waweform with no issues. Roon says DR11, I don’t understand that, if I look it up every says the DR is 7 and that this is a highly compressed album, also the hires. Anyone knows about that?

It probably due to different DR methods. See this.

I downloaded as 48/24 from Qobuz, and Roon shows the waveform just fine, with a DR of 11 as mentioned earlier.