The radio plays but my albums don't play

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Don’t know how to find

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Description of Issue

The radio plays but nothing stored on the Core will make any sound (albums, for example, won’t work). An iPad to stream this music from Tidal through Roon, and the format of the sound is not an issue for the amp (Devialet Expert).

Is it an issue of communication between the Core and the iPad perhaps?
Could you please help with this issue?

Hi Miriam, let’s see what we can do to help. Did someone or a company install the Roon Core on a PC or Macintosh for you, possibly when the Devialet Expert was installed? Do you have another PC or Mac that you use to reach the Core, or do you use just an iPad or iPhone?

Hi Robert,

My son installed it (who is in California) and It is a ROON operating system that is attached to the Divalet. Does that sound right? I can send you a screen shot.

I just use the iPad to reach the Core.


Miriam, yes and thank you, any screenshots of what you see of the Core would help. How comfortable are you with explaining and using Roon, computers and your network? Not sure where is the issue yet until we have some additional information.

I’m trying to upload a bunch of pictures to you, but it only seemed to allow one. Will keep trying.

Hi Robert, I can’t seem to upload any more pictures through your site. How do I send you more screen shots? Also, I’m happy to speak with you if that’s possible so I have a better understanding of what you need.

That’s OK Miriam. Are you able to play music from Roon (via Tidal) to the Devialat and your AppleTV, but not through your iPad? If this is the case, all you need to do is click “Enable” for the iPad on the screen image you shared with me, and then in the lower right of the iPad page, click on the speaker icon, which should show options for the Devialet, the AppleTV, and now the iPad. Select what speaker you want to hear and it should play through that.

If this is a different issue, can you please describe it in more detail? I may have a way for you to share additional images.

Hi Robert, I’m trying to play music using my Devialet speakers. The problem is that I can play the radio using ROON (via Tidal), but can’t play albums. I spoke with Devialet and they suggested that radio streams differently than music. Perhaps the problem is that music comes through the ROON operating system which isn’t working. This might have occurred with the recent ROON upgrade. Obviously the Devialet speakers are working because I can hear the radio.

Hi Miriam. If you go to the Settings Menu in Roon on your IPad, then select Storage, you should see which folder(s) Roon is monitoring to be incorporated into your Roon library. Can you give us a screenshot of that page? Mine looks like this:

Miriam, I granted you abilities to post more photos and screenshots on the forum. Can you please take a screenshot similar to what @David_Gibson showed, but in your Roon application under Settings → Storage so we can see how Roon is looking for your files? Any additional photos that may help us also are appreciated.


You don’t have any music folders in that storage setting so roon has no music to play.

Miriam, as @ged_hickman1 notes, you need to basically point Roon to where the music files are located, either on the Core or another location (e.g., a USB-attached hard drive or a network storage device).

Also, within your Roon iPad app, can you please move one tab up to the “General” tab and screenshot that and post it? Need a to know where you Core is on the network and see how that is configured from within the Core itself.

Actually as Miriam just mentions Tidal perhaps we are on a wild goose chase and there are no local files?

What albums are you trying to play and where are they stored? Is it music you have bought and own or are you trying to stream from Tidal or Qobuz? I suppose you know, Roon doesn’t not contain any music itself.

Go to Roon - Settings - Services and see that you have enabled Tidal and are signed into Tidal with your Tidal account user name and password.

Good Question! I followed your instructions. I’m signed in to Tidal and stream their music, which I pay for along with Roon.
No, I’m not trying to stream my own music or albums. I have nothing of my own stored on the Roon Core.

Thank you Miriam, and now we probably don’t need to worry about your storage on the Core as you are only streaming. As @Jim_F noted, can you share a screenshot of your Settings → Services tab, which should show you logged into at least Tidal, unless you also use Qobuz.

Robert, I just checked it. I am signed into only Tidal, not Qobuz. Why do I need to send a screenshot? I’m no closer to understanding my problem. Please explain.