The radio try to play track from Qobuz while I do not have a streaming account

Hello @support ,

I only have a download account at Qobuz and not a steaming account. Each attempt to play a track from Qobuz fails.


Maybe I misunderstood what you wrote but you seem to be reporting that you have a subscription that does not offer streaming and you don’t understand why you can’t stream. Seems to me if you want to stream you have to purchase a streaming subscription.

As I understand it the new Radio functionality requires access to a streaming service and I suspect they never imagined the use of a streaming subscription that did not allow streaming.


I do not have a streaming subscription, I have an account to download (and listen to) the albums I bought.

I do not know if the radio algorithm knows this distiguo but in this case it should not propose any Qobuz tracks other than mine.

Again, I may be misunderstanding what you are reporting.

Are you reporting that the tracks that are being skipped are ones that you purchased and should be able to stream or ones that you have NOT purchased and should NOT be able to stream?


That’s it. The radio should not offer them since I am not eligible to play them.

Are you currently logged in to Qobuz in Roon with your download account? Settings > Services > Qobuz?

If so, log out and try again.

Cheers, Greg


OK … Does that mean I should not use Qobuz ?

I could be wrong but I don’t think the new Radio function works that way. I’m assuming that Roon expects streaming accounts to have access to the complete streaming library. I’m not sure they could know what you have purchased or how they would integrate that into their algorithm.

Since I’m a Tidal user I don’t have this issue. What happens when a Qobuz track is skipped? Is there an obvious gap between songs?

If I understand correctly how the new Roon Radio works you will get some benefit from it even if it only plays from your local library plus any Qobuz tracks you own and can stream. If you don’t login to Qobuz then you will not have access to the new “smarter” Roon Radio .


Yes a gap of 2 - 3 seconds, the time to receive an error from the server Qobuz I guess. … and maybe some retries.

now, 8 Qobuz tracks skipped and playback stopped with this error message : too many failures stopping playback

I suspect 2 -3 seconds is annoying. I just saw your latest post about skipping 8 tracks in a row and stopping which is worse than annoying.

Seems like you have to choose between the the new “smarter” Radio functionality with annoying gaps and stops or the old “less smart” Radio functionality playing only your local library. While I can’t point you to the post I’m sure I’ve seen one that showed how to tell the new Radio to only use your local library. While this reverts back to the old Radio it does allow you to stay logged in to Qobuz.

Or you could consider signing up for a subscription plan. Depending on how many albums you purchase this might be a good financial decision. I signed up for Tidal last year and have paid them $160 so far. I’ve added over 450 albums to my library which works out to a cost of around $0.36 per album. While the cost to purchase them is difficult to estimate if you assume it would cost at least $10 per album then I would have spent at least $4,500 vs the $160 I have spent.


Hey Dirk – thanks for letting us know about this. I would consider this a bug :slight_smile:

As mentioned in the release notes, Roon Radio requires a working streaming account, and if you don’t have a streaming account Radio should be falling back to only playing content from your library.

Unfortunately, I think we are failing to handle this case properly:

So Radio sees you logged into Qobuz, and is treating this scenario as if you have access to their streaming catalog, when you don’t.

We’ll get a bug report open, and we’ll get this fixed up soon. For now, you will want to go to the queue and flip the switch “Limit Roon Radio to Library” – this will ensure that Radio isn’t selecting content you don’t have a license to play.

Sorry for the trouble!

Thank you Mike for your message.

I will not use Qobuz anymore because there is no good reason. If I try to play online a 192 kHz 24-bit album that I bought, it is streamed in 16-bit 44 kHz.

That said, I will still be able to enjoy the new radio because I also have a Tidal account.