The Rockets - Mixed Up Bands

If you search in Tidal on The Rockets you get 19 albums by several different bands all lumped together with the same bio. I went through and investigated each option under Tidal and they are as follows:

The Rockets (27) - Discogs Number (German Rockabilly Band)

Nailpolish, Lies and Gasoline.

The Rockets (5) (Detroit Rock Band)

Back Talk.
Rocket Roll.
Twelve Best

Rockets (Italian Disco Band 80s)


The Rockets (14) (Band that would become Neil Young’s Backup Band).

The Rockets
Lift Off

The Rockets (7) (Greece Rockabilly Band)

Hot Rod Boogie.

The Rockets (2013 50/60s cover band)

Rock'n Twist Party.

The Rockets (Electronic / Dub)

Time is running out (5 song ep)
The Pulse (EP/Single)
Blast From the Past
udy no cledy--|
On The Trail--| (These two are the same album, one is just in Russian)
One Level Higher

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