The Roon and Nucleus

The Roon app on my iMac will acknowledge my Nucleus

but when I hit the connect option, the screen shot below shows what happens and it will stay like
this for hours and probably days.

I am able to use my iMac as the core and this options works well, but seeing
I own a Nucleus I would prefer if it could work properly.
Best, Neil.

I’ve moved this to the support area. The support team will need more information so please provide the information as below.

Roon Core Machine

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Connected Audio Devices

Number of Tracks in Library

Description of Issue

Can you also provide a screen shot of your Nucleus Web UI. You get there using the ip in a browser.

I’m at work now and in Australia so we’re probably in a different time zone but I’ll get you the screen shots later today.

Hi Daniel, I hope this is the screen shot you wanted.

Roon Core Machine - iMac and Nucleus
Networking Gear & Setup Detail - Broadband internet, ethernet connection to Nucleus and iMac, Wi-Fi network to end points, Orbi Netgear hardware.
Connected Audio Devices - Lyngdorf TSAI - 1120 amp, NAIM Uniti Atom HP, Bluesound Soundbar, Bluesound Flex1
Number of Tracks in Library - 48000+
Best, Neil.

Hi, Any solutions yet.
Best, Neil.

Did you receive the info I sent you about 4 days ago?

I should also mention, everytime I try to connect to my Nucleus I get an email warning my of a
“Roon Security Alert”

That’s normal. You should worry if you get that when you haven’t done anything. That would mean someone has hacked your account.

Did you send something by e-mail? If not and you are referring to your posts in this thread, no one from support has been involved in this thread. The people you’ve been talking to are just users like yourself.

I looked at the GUI you posted 4 days ago. Everything looks as it should.

Hi Neal,

I am just a fellow user. I had suggested the screen pics to see if I could notice something odd, which I did not.

Have you tried rebooting the core and the router?

I am sure @support will be by as soon as possible.

Hi @Neil_Perryman ,

Do you have any other Roon Remotes you can try? Do they behave the same way or just the iMac is affected?

Ive tried with my iPad and it’s still the same.

On the Roon “System Status” screen shot from a few days ago the IP Address for the Nucleus is

I was checking the wi-fi network device list on the Netgear Orbi app and it has the Nucleus listed as wired with the IP Address as

How do I change the Nucleus IP Address on Roon to ?

Your Nucleus screenshot shows that you have the DHCP method of obtaining its IP address selected. I strongly suggest that you keep it that way.

The method assumes that you have a DHCP server running in your home network, which gives out (and renews) IP addresses to the devices in your network (your Mac, iPads, and any other device that requires an IP address).

The DHCP server usually lives in your router. I don’t know whether the Orbi mesh base station has also the possibility to have a DHCP server. In any event you must only have one DHCP server running in your home network. It sounds as though something has gone wrong.

I suggest doing the following steps in order:

  • Turn off your Nucleus.
  • Reboot your router
  • Reboot your Orbi base station
  • Turn on your Nucleus…

Wait between steps for each device to fully boot up (e.g. your router must be fully up and running before turning on the Orbi base station)

I did everything as you’ve suggested and still no change.

Hi @Neil_Perryman ,

Thank you for providing that information and screenshots. I have enabled diagnostics for your Nucleus and I believe I have found the cause of the issues. Unfortunately, it looks as if your Nucleus Operating System M.2 SSD is experiencing hardware failure and the Nucleus unit needs to be sent in for service.

I see that your account is registered outside the United States, so in this case, it would be best to let your Roon dealer know that the unit is having hardware issues and that they should work with our local area Roon distributor to service this unit. You are welcome to point them to this thread and they can reach out to us via our dealer channel if they have further questions, thank you.

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