The Roon app{MacOS) no longer "sees" my Core/Roon will not launch

Roon Core Machine

(2-core Intel i7 16GB of RAM)

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Netgear 2.5GB switch connected via CAT 8 ethernet cable, using SurfShark VPN(disabled)

Connected Audio Devices

Emotiva XMC-2 via HDMI, Audioquest Pearl USB-2 cable; Oppo UDP-205 via usb 2 cable; Oppo BDP-105/103 via ethernet; 4 - Chromecast devices (Google Tv, 3 Google mini speakers via WiFi; Integra RC1 processor via ethernet; NAD M33 via ethernet; 3 Bluesound NODES via ethernet; 1 Bluesound Vault 2 via ethernet; Onkyo T-RZ50 receiver via ethernet; 3-LG OLEDs via Ethernet; 1-Sony Bravia OLED via ethernet; 1-SAMSUNG QLED via Ethernet; 1- Hisense OLED via ethernet; 2 Marantz 8805’s via ethernet; 1-Wiim Pro via ethernet; 1- Wiim Mini via ethernet; 1 MacBook Pro 16GB RAM (2014) Big Sur OS; via ethernet; 1 MacMini (2012) 16GB RAM via ethernet; 1- QNAP TS-453A 4BAY NAS 8GB OF RAM

Number of Tracks in Library

100-110,000 tracks

Description of Issue

When I say Roon will not open, it is just that. The app will open, the lines will “dance,” and then the app just shutdowns. Even the dot under the application thumbnail goes away. It’s as if it doesn’t see the Roon core.
I have a Nuc as my Roon Core, and everything worked fine until I relaunched Roon from my Qnap NAS, believing that Roon needed to see it as an endpoint.
I tried removing the application from my NAS, as well as any and all subsequent folders, then I powered the NAS off, hoping that Roon would only see it, but that hasn’t worked as far as I can tell.

Hi @Isaac_Sykes ,

Does the issue only impact your MacOS remote? Are you using the latest Roon version on your MacOS?

If your Roon Core is a NUC, you can install the latest Mac Roon version on top of the existing install from our downloads page and see if you are then able to connect afterward:

Good afternoon,
So I just migrated to a new Mac Mini M1 2020, and I am having the issue again where after I install Roon on my new device, Roon fails to connect to my Roon Core, which is an Intel Nuc, running ROCK. I checked all the network settings, even disabled my firewall, yet Roon can’t seem to find my core.

Hi @Isaac_Sykes ,

Apologies for the delay in getting back to you here, I missed your response. Are you still having the issue at the present time? If so, it’s possible that you have multiple routers on your network, I would try to connect the Roon Remote to your Netgear switch in the same way that the ROCK is connected as a test. Do let us know if the issue is fixed or if you need more assistance here, thanks!

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