The roon IOS app for iPad is awful

I use it on an ipad pro non M1, seems to do the job for me.
The only frustrating element is the lack of magic keyboard support which Roon seem very good at ignoring.

I guess most mobile apps lack some form of functionality compared to a desktop application.

This is exactly what I did (uninstallreinstall) , and all my Roon remote issues went away.

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I use the iOS app on my iPad all the time from 1.7 to the current version and it is great. Never any problems. I am a dealer for Bluesound and although the app is very good, the Roon app on iPad blows it away.

Agree 100% with John. Ask for help but be specific about your issue. The 2x I had questions I received intelligent, timely responses that were very helpful. Zero issues in my first 12 months with the platform.

I love the Roon platform and experience. It has taken my love of music to another level. I’m in it for the long haul. If you are looking for the best experience I highly recommend investing in a Roon Nucleus.

The most recent build (898) has significantly improved the iPad experience (at least for me). Scrolling is still jumpy, but image loading is much, much better. It was just mentioned by staff that the scrolling issues are being addressed and are in Alpha testing right now. Hopefully we’ll see that fix in the next release. Fingers crossed.


Yep. I have a iPad mini and just replaced an older Samsung tablet that had too many issues with Roon - I presume because of the tablet’s age.

The Gen 3 iPad mini works great.

Gen 5 iPad mini here working great

I’m blocking the updates due to some comments here. Nonetheless i must say, as a senior software architect by profession, that using this old equipment in the world of software and hardware we live in makes me applaud the Roon team.

Good luck solving it anyway since every happy user is one we can use in the Spotify and Apple music times…

All my problems such as these went away when I got a nucleus .my iMac couldn’t handle the roon core

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It’s strange though that’s some users with roon ios/android remotes experience lag and stutter on the remote app but other people are fine,when I first reported the problem alot of user,s said the same as a few people mentioned on here that my i3 skylake 2c/4t wasn’t fast enough so I picked up a mini pc 6 core i5 9500 4.4 ghz 8gb ram 256nve and honestly roon dosent feel any faster,the remote is still a stuttery laggy mess on my iphone 13 pro max and my ipad pro 12.9,and actually roon have acknowledged this problem which has been going on since 2019,they stated weeks ago that a fix is coming


Roon is not in the habit of making releases without release notes and if it’s not detailed in the release notes as a fix that was included then it’s a safe bet it’s not in there.

That said I don’t have such issues on any of my iOS devices…iph10,12pm, 13pm and iPad Pro 11” gen 1

Roon on IPhone SE (2020) and IPad 6th generation are extremely slow after the last update, don’t know what happened but did not experience something like this earlier.

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I ran my Core on several iMacs and Mac Minis over the years with a range of MacOS versions. Now I run ROCK on an Intel NUC.

My system is faster, more reliable, and more responsive off the NUC. I don’t even think about it anymore. You can make the Mac Mini work by turning off some MacOS services and being careful with updates, but that is work and effort. The NUC is a box that just sits quietly in a cabinet and does its thing effortlessly.

Just buy one and make a remote office setup somewhere with the Mac Mini. You’ll be glad you did.

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I run ROCK on a NUC on a robust network and the iOS apps on my new 12.9” iPad Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max are still bad. Stuttery scrolling, volume control bugs, regular lockups and crashes, and on and on.


Not seeing any of those issues using any devices for control including new base level iPad, iPhone Xr, and 2014 and 2018 Mac Mini all with current OS.

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