The roon IOS app for iPad is awful

This comment raised my interest, I’ve never used Plexamp and a free and apparently good app is enticing.
After a few minutes research it appears that Plexamp requires Plex Server & a Plex pass (chargeable) for it to work. This suggests that Plexamp is not free but part of a chargeable software “suite,” have I missed something?

Hi @Mike_thompson,

We’re sorry to hear that you’re having some trouble with the Roon app on your iPad. We’d be happy to take a closer look at your issue if you’d like to submit a support thread.

Unfortunately, as many other Community members here have expressed, it’s hard to speculate what the trouble may be without more details regarding your setup.

Please be sure to fill out your setup details and network topography with as fully detailed description as possible. This will help us immensely with troubleshooting your issue.

I’d also like to clarify that the Roon app as well as our software is free. We don’t charge for the app, we charge for a Roon subscription. Are you running Plex on the same 2012 Mac Mini you’re using for your Roon Core? You may be reaching the technical limits of that machine.

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Hi Paul you are correct, Plex is free but PlexAmp is only available to PlexPass subscriber’s.
It’s part of the supporters bundle, it isn’t Roon or even close, but it’s what I use when I travel and I have the library in two places.

It’s very good, but I would probably drop my usage dramatically if Roon mobile was a thing (and it worked well)


Thanks Michael, I’ll stick to offline listening with Qobuz which, so far, does what I need when travelling. :pray:t4:


I’m using the HD10+ right now. Worth installing Google Play services, but otherwise it works great.

I am running a dedicated NUC with ROCK. Found my remote got a lot more responsive once I did that.

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how big is your music library…for sure a 2012 MM is going to struggle - its only bare min spec at best.

Like other posters here, suggest upgrading your core first. In my personal experience, I got a PC core running windows 10 because I had a poor experience when trying to use my M1 MacBook Air as core. Now my system is rock solid with the PC Core and using iPad mini prev generation as remote.

I use the IOS app on my iPad almost exclusively.

I also have Bluesound. In my opinion there is no comparison with Roon. Bluesound is pretty basic. Even when I want to my Bluesound components, I always use Roon. I would be interested to know why you think it is superior.

fwiw - I started with iTunes and Airport Express - then switched to a NAS library with Qobuz and Tidal on a Bluesound Node 2 - after that I upgraded to an Aurender N100H with its Conductor app before finally settling on Roon Core/NAS/Streamer/DAC combo in main room and a Bluesound PowerNode under Roon in the kitchen. In this experience I rate Roon as the best overall software for managing a blended collection of library and streaming tracks with multi room/multi vendor support and great sound quality with the immense added value of music related info and song suggestions.

should clarify - Roon Core and NAS are in the office away from audio components - works perfectly over mesh Wi Fi

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I am also using an iPad Pro (12.9 inch, 3rd Gen.), Mac Mini M1 as the core, and everything works without a problem, except that the iPad remote crashes once in a while, always when starting it. It costs me 2 seconds to start it again, and then it works. Of course, every time the app starts it has to refresh the screen, so it takes a bit longer to start than other apps which might have a less involved handshake to start.
The Roon Remote is way better than all other apps I know for streaming and playing from the library. You have such a wealth of information and ways of customisation that it sometimes seems a bit overwhelming, but I am happy with it.

I wish the iPad iOS app was more powerful. There are a number of things I can’t do with it, but have to go to my desktop and work an edit that way.

For example:

It will not access my photo library on my iPad to change to a proper photo of the CD.

So far as I know I can’t combine multiple discs of a CD into a package of one from the app, I have to go to a browser.

There are several more issues like that which I can’t recall at the moment, but I do feel there is much room for improvement.

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I run Roon remote on a lowly Amazon Fire HD tablet and it’s nearly flawless. Core is on an M1 Mini. We have an ipad, too, but the Fire has a headphone jack, can handle DSP (I use parametric eq), and is not sluggish in the least. I listen via headphones in the bed with my wife asleep next to me and it sounds pretty darned good! Who’d have guessed a sub-hundred dollar tablet could perform so well as a Roon remote?

As to your queries, I’m able to change album artwork on an iPad by accessing another app, such as a web browser, and copying and pasting into the album edit section of Roon remote.

It’s also possible to merge two or more albums into a single album using Roon remote on an iPad. I do so frequently.

As a matter of interest, so far as I can tell, the Roon cache on an iPad will not completely fill the available space but appears to be limited to x% of what’s available. My cache has been fixed for some months now, presumably having reached the limit dictated by Roon remote.

Same here work perfectly.

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I can agree Mike out of heart. I use to run roon with my 21-ipad 12,9 ios 15.3. It crashes, let’s say, two times an hour. Esp. when i switch over to Quobuz. It is not enough to restart roon; very often i have to restart the ipad. On all my macs (3 p, iphone also) roon runs perfectly, beside the search function of course, which is awfull bad.


Then something else is wrong

My iPad 11.9 pro is 18 months old , never had to restart once

The Roon app takes a second or 2 to wake up and then runs fine.

Happy camper here


No performance issues, whatsoever, here!
NUC i5 ROCK (16GB RAM) on LAN with Synology NAS (16GB RAM) as datasource, also on LAN. Cambridge Audio 851N on LAN, 2019 iPad Pro 10.5 on WLAN as „remote control“, the latter with normal home use and many other apps on there. IPhone Xs also works with no issues as RC, as well as 2018 MacBook Pro. About 15.000 songs plus Qobuz.

I don’t normally use DSP on ROCK, but when I do, performance is not noticeably affected. Everything has been working with the same performance for about 2 years, so there was no performance issue with newer Roon versions either. Roon takes about 3 seconds on iPad for initial startup, then smooth for hours.

The only issue for me is the search function, which has deteriorated in recent months in my view.

Having read through many issues in this forum, it seems to me that most of them are originating in the choice of a core and its setup in the respective network. I really recommend ROCK on a cheap NUC separated from the datasource, all on the same LAN connected with the respective network player. Then use an iPad for a remote control on WLAN and the same subnet with no VPN. VPN makes a difference in my setup, so I just turn it off. I am by no means an IT expert. I just thought that my solution was simple and straightforward. It works.

I agree, Mike. Something’s not right here. I’ve been using iPad Pro’s (gen 2 and gen 5) for seven years and have never needed to reboot them.

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