iOS problems list

Yes the ipad app is indeed awful. Here’s my top 10, i would report more but there’s only so much time one has to waste reporting issues to roons’ deaf ears.

  1. play/volume bar completely disappears periodically. Leave the screen and come back and it’s fixed!

  2. the ipad app crashes a few times a day (latest mac os and roon apps, 32gb ram, have tried 3 different cores, 3 completely different wifi networks, everything is ethernet linked except ipad pro, and i have tried another ipad (not pro) and phones - drumroll for someone telling me it’s my environment…)

  3. the artist bio page jumps all over the place when you try to scoll down and is completely unusable on any page that needs to be scrolled to see more

  4. there are 2 different, inconsistent and nonsensical ways to minimise the now playing full screen view - an X top left and a down arrow bottom (mid) left. everywhere else on roon you click a left arrow to go back - but here it’s an x and a down arrow? Ever heard of swipe down to minimise a screen which would be far more intuitive and convenient for tablet users? (obviously only applies to areas that don’t scroll but still infinitely better than what you have now)

  5. to maximise the full screen view of the now playing track i can click only in the red area below - why is it not the same on the other side which is the natural place the browsing thumb rests? Or even better: swipe up anywhere at all on the bottom section

  6. if i add a track to my library i don’t get the heart icon, i have to leave the page and come back to it and even then the heart still doesn’t show sometimes

  7. spinning wheel goes forever when trying to add a qobuz album to your library that’s not already in your library

  8. inconsistency for the same function on different pages e.g. there’s no way to remove the song currently playing from the playlist currently playing. If you click the 3 dots for the track on the now playing screen you get one pop up, click it on the playlist screen you get a different pop up. Removing the currently playing song from the currently playing playlist is a long winded and awkward procedure for no reason other than sloppy carelessness on the part of roon.

  9. the 3 dots for more options only appear on the full screen now playing view. So you can’t add a track to library or playlist without first going full screen (you can on the iphone which is 10 times smaller!!!)
    simple fix:

  10. search makes no sense

@hammer - hi hammer


Just to clarify are these examples shown from the iPad Roon Remote app or the core on a Mac PC

Half of these I can’t see on the iPad app …

This really needs to be posted in the support category otherwise a resolution will never be found. As so many contributors are using ipads without problems there is likely to be a local issue, you may not agree but it’s better to get help rather than putting up with so many problems.
@AceRimmer may be able to comment/assist :pray:t4:

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Yes, all screen shots from bullet point 4 on in Zeki-Mustafas post seems to be from a Mac and not the ipad, so off topic here.

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Moved to its own support topic as it was not truly the same as the original thread subject matter.

My point was most of the screenshots don’t seem to be iPad related . I assume Mac OS not having Mac I couldn’t confirm

This is not what the OP was complaining about

Out ….

There were points raised by the OP which related to inconsistencies across screens but the following all point to a bug or local issues,

“… play/volume bar completely disappears periodically …”

“…the ipad app crashes a few times a day… “

“… if i add a track to my library i don’t get the heart icon…” &

“…spinning wheel goes forever when trying to add a qobuz album…”

Support would probably be able to deal with these, if not already being investigated.

Over and……

Yesterday again i had problems with the iPadOS version. The return button became useless for 2 times and the app freezes

The iPadOS app locks up for me at least 4-5 times per day. Scrolling is also jumpy. This is on a new 12.9” iPad Pro.

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Number 6 is the worst one for me, been a user for few years and still have to deal with this. I think what I found weird is that some people love to worship roon (based on defensive reactions on every complaint threads , as if it isn’t a consumer product which we paid (a lot) money for.


Also in this new thread there still iOS issues and MacOS issues mixed, right?
These are differnt thinks or are they not?
So shouldn’t this split for clarity?

I, too, am absolutely fed up with album and artist bio pages jumping all over the place when you try to scoll down and is completely unusable on any page that needs to be scrolled to see more.

  1. No track numbers in the iPhone app, which makes finding tracks on albums harder than it should be.
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I agree - reporting is a waste of time. Some of the issues are so obvious that anyone that tested the app would see the obvious issues.


The numbers were removed for all phone apps awhile ago. Track numbers missing after 1.8 update - #2 by Rugby

I know, and it’s a bad and illogical decision. Track numbers are an essential part of metadata.

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My Roon has lots of these listed issues, but the worst for me is when streaming, I can only get 3-4 hours continuous, before it quits and I have to restart everything. Either by pulling the plug or ethernet cord. I also have to restart the APP multiple times, sometimes disconnecting devices from the APP and reminding them again.

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Sorry to see a few that are having IOS issues. I must say that my system has been pretty solid with older IOS ware. For years I used a couple of late 2012 MacMini as my cores without issue. The cores were only recently swapped out for a Nucleus, for no other reason as I had other uses for the Mini, and I am of the opinion that Roon performs best when Core is dedicated to Roon. As for remotes I use a couple of 1st Gen iPad Pro 12.9, iPhone X and XI and Apple Watch. They all work flawlessly with the exception of an occasional network reboot. Streaming is provided by Qobuz and adding albums to the library is seamless and quick.


Personally I think the app needs a complete reevaluation/redesign. I find it very poorly designed. The most important issue for me is that I can’t do everything in the app that I need to edit. Why ever not! Every field that needs editing should be able to be edited in the app. And If it’s there in the app and I haven’t found it, I reiterate my complaint that it is poorly designed.

I should add that I’ve never had any stability problems with the iOS app. I just don’t like the design.


I agree - iOS implementation of Roon on iPad is not a great experience.
My annual Roon and Qobuz subscriptions are both due this month.
I won’t be renewing either of them this year

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