The roon IOS app for iPad is awful

I’m not sure what’s going but I used roon a long time ago I think it was version 1.7 and I remembered the IOS app on iPad was so good and that’s why I purchased it.

I don’t know what has changed but the IPad app is awful. I challenge anyone to use the BluOS app or Plexamp on IOS and tell they don’t see a night and day difference.

Really hope this is fixed before my yearly subscription runs out if not I will be moving on.


How would anyone fix anything here? You don’t state the problem you are having. I use my iPad EVERY day and don’t have any issues. What issues are you having that make it so awful? If you really want it fixed before your subscription runs out you might take the time to articulate your issues. Otherwise nothing will happen.


I couldn’t disagree more.


I also disagree. The BluOS and Plexamp apps are terrible compared to Roon. I use Roon everyday on my iPad and it works great.

You don’t mention why you don’t like Roon, which says to me you have probably never used it…just trolling?


Sorry you’ve had such a tough experience. I use it all the time on iPad, iPhone & windows. I’ll admit that windows is better experience in a number is ways, but I use the iOS devices despite crashes & niggles because they’re in my hands when I’m listening. But plenty of folks have similar reactions.

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So on IPad it crashes a lot I’m using a IPad Pro

The app just seems sluggish and it seems the screen is always refreshing.

I’m running a 2012 Mac mini as the core connected through Ethernet on a gib network.

Could the iPad be sluggish using the app if the Mac mini isn’t real powerful.

I added a ssd to the Mac mini and it has 16 GB of ram

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If one remote works fine and the other doesn’t, it’s not the core. I have an old iPad 4 that works fine, but it literally has nothing else installed on it. I have an older iPad Pro (1st gen) that works ok but can get sluggish and crashes (usually right after app launch) sometimes. And then I have an iPhone 12 that is pretty terrible - sluggish, crashes, stutters - but I use it more than any other remote because it’s just so convenient.

There are a lot of threads on issues that folks have. The one specifically on stuttering is worth looking at.

I think the philosophy many if not most users have is that either Roon’s good features are worth the pain (I’m in this camp) or they are not (it is surprising how many people on this forum say they are in the latter group, but keep right on using it nonetheless). I can’t tell you what to do… but my suggestion if you do like some of the features enough to keep going, is not to get involved in the complaining here. There are a lot of things that suck. I hope they’ll get fixed. But in the meantime I deal with them because for me content, exploration, combination of local content plus streaming, and occasional up sampling all make the juice worth the squeeze. And when I get frustrated, I spin records for a while.

Good luck!


It could be a possibility, the remote is in this case a reflection of what the Core is doing.
And if the Core is truly struggling and taking it’s time then you would likely see that at the remote.

But I sort of doubt that’s the case though.

For a test do you have another device to try as a remote?
Windows PC, android phone??

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I like many have the same sluggish performance on my ipad pro,like you 1.7 was great,problem started with 1.8 update,there is a whole thread on the issue,some people are reporting there fine though on the same hardware,theve knew about this issue since 2019 and still haven’t fixed it,I gave up asking and cancelled my sub

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Up until recently I was using a 2nd generation iPad Pro without any problems whatsoever.
I upgraded to the latest 5th generation iPad Pro and it works perfectly. My core runs on a 2014 Mac 5K with 32 GB of ram. Maybe your core machine is not powerful enough an needs updating?

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I’m going to agree it’s probably the Mac Mini. I experimented yesterday using my 2017 4.2 Quad Core Ghz iMac i7 with 40Gb ram over my 2011 Mac Mini with 16Gb ram - Night and Day - really. The library is on USB SSD.

Everything on my ios devices is smoother and way more responsive. Any track played instantly - no more waiting. And skipping to the next track actually worked without stopping. Clearly roon needs a lot more server horsepower. The library has 100K tracks.

Time for a new Mac Mini.


I’ll put in the inevitable “you should consider a ROCK on NUC”. Honestly if you’re going to get into new hardware for Roon, better to get an appliance that is purpose built. If you’re using it for other things too, get it. But once you’re spending coin on silicon, I think it’s worth it to consider a ROCK.

But I’ll admit everyone has their own preference, and there’s a variety of ways to think about it depending on how “married” you are to Roon, Mac, Windows, etc.

I’ll have to take a look. I do like the ease of the apple eco system, chronosync for backups, and screen share. Haven’t dug into ROCK and NUC.

Been hot and cold on Roon over the years as my library grew but now feel like I might grow to love it again with a better server.

Not sure if there is any difference between ROCK or RoonServer but will take a look. Thanks

Suggest you delete and reinstall. Works perfectly for me and many others.


It could be the cache on your iPad has grown too large?

As has been suggested, maybe uninstall Roon on the iPad and reinstall?

Or at very least clear the Roon cache and see if anything changes?

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For those of you having issues you should list the exact model number of iPad and OS version* you’re using. This will help narrow if the issue is device specific. Otherwise this is just another venting thread and we’ve got plenty of those around here.

Also, an Amazon Fire 10 tablet is $100. Some have already spent much more than that in time :slight_smile:

*Settings → General → About → Software Version (tap it to get the complete number)
*Settings → General → About → Model Name
*Settings → General → About → Model Number
*Settings → General → About → Available (in GB)


I think what he’s trying to say is the way that PLEX implement iOS app (Plexamp) has been miles better than Roon. Just seems so much more native. There are no doubt that Roon has more features but the lack of native integration might be a dealbreaker for some.

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You are 100 percent correct. I’m not saying Plexamp is better then roon as far as features I’m just talking about the IOS app. I didn’t Realize that roon wasn’t a native IOS app this makes since why it isn’t as smooth as a native app like Plexamp.

I guess the next question is why is a free app like Plexamp native and a paid app like roon isn’t. To me if you pay over a 100 bucks for something it should be a lot better than a free version.

….& also post problems in the support category where the team will also get to see it & advise as appropriate.

My Roon runs on a SGC i5. Depending on whether I am in my 2-channel room or using my whole home set-up I control Roon via my iPad Pro, iPhone or MacBook Pro and all have been rock solid for years. No rebooting or lockups.