The Roon Ready Promise & the Case of the Bluesound 2i

Now Roon doesn’t recognize my Bluesound soundbar anymore. I guess that fixes that problem.

There are now several topics covering Bluesound and their ongoing issues, and given my past experience I’m unsurprised at the lack of response from them, but I am a little mystified at Roon’s silence. I can’t think of another product with better transparency with their customers, so it seems quite out of character for them.

I understand that they don’t want to appear to other manufacturers (as well as current partners) as being a difficult company to deal with, or one which shifts blame to the partner, but I’m surprised nonetheless. It’s typical of me that I would own the one product that has stumped even their boffins :joy:

Anyway I hope there is either a solution or that Bluesound is quietly dropped as a partner

Does anyone know if NAD suffers similar issues? I have a D3045 and it’s been flawless, but obviously that’s unencumbered by a wireless connection.

We run at our place a total of 6 Bluesound/NAD models, 4 of which are connected via Wifi, one of which is an older model. They work just fine.

That would be quite a disservice to all the people who are using the two successfully, don’t you think?

Fair enough, completely agree and that was actually selfish of me, but maybe have warnings for WiFi issues, or label it as an ethernet-only Roon Ready device. Or my personal preference would be just to fix it so that it works flawlessly. I’m forgiving of WiFi and prefer to avoid it due to the obvious issues, but if I’m connecting at -47dBm then I would suggest that the issue really might lie with the WiFi execution rather than signal strength.

There just needs to be some acknowledgement that, while many are running it well, there are a significant minority who are having problems on wireless and my main frustration is that it’s being ignored or, worse still, the blame is being turned on the user when some of us have clearly demonstrated that the issue lies elsewhere.

When it works, I think it’s a decent product (seems to have no problems at all via the BluOS app) but I bought it for the Roon capability and at least a small “sorry” or something would go some way to easing the frustration. Instead it’s silence or blame. I’m sure you can understand the frustration there

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Do you run the Node 2i wireless?

Full Disclosure: As I have declared before in this forum, I am a both a BlueSound and NAD dealer. I’m not trying to sell the products here, just trying to be helpful.

I have not tried to run a Node 2i via WiFi. As I posted on another thread (wish there were not all split up!), we are currently running:
BlueSound Flex (original) - WiFi
Bluesound Flex 2i - WiFi
BlueSound Pulse Mini 2i - Wifi
NAD M10 (currently Uncertified) - WiFi
NAD 368 w/ BluOS v1 card - wired
NAD 658 (currently Uncertified) - wired

Yes, we encountered the dreaded sync problem in the past. However, that issue has been rectified by BlueSound/NAD, and all the the above currently work just great. Even with our Nucleus doing extra DSP gymnastics such as MQA decoding, Upsampling and EQ.

Thanks for such a comprehensive reply. I think a big part of the issue here is the popularity of the Node 2i as a Roon device. It is worth reminding ourselves that the majority of BlueOS devices work fine, and there are work arounds for the 2i in Roon. Hopefully Bluesound will get around to addressing this soon, then this can go away!

I just ordered my second Pulse Flex. I hope this wasn’t a mistake. I was also planning to order the sound bar. Definitely going to wait on that now.

I had some problems with my current Flex stuttering and stopping when I took it out on my deck. I added another WAP (Ubiquiti) and all is fine now… Except…

After a short while of running on battery, the buttons stop working.

Unfortunately, what other RAAT wireless speaker options do we have?

Edward, I had problems with the Soundbar (2i) but I managed to resolve them by using a power line adapter (TP link TL-PA4010).

I was using a single Flex 2i without issue but as soon as I added the Soundbar 2i it all became super problematic over WiFi. The bluesond diagnostics were showing excellent and good signal reception respectively but still… unusable. the power line adapter (for the soundbar only) solved the problems. It is quite small and discreet as well.

I am not sure if this is an option for you but worth considering if the wifi proves problematic.

Unfortunately there are no other RAAT wireless speakers I can think of.

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Thanks a lot @Yiannis_Kouropalatis. This is helpful info. Were your problems when playing to the Soundbar and Flex at the same time, or when playing to the Soundbar only?

Did you use powerline adapter for BOTH the Flex and the Soundbar, or just the Soundbar?

Hi Edward,

I only use the power line adapter for the Soundbar 2i. The Flex 2i is operating via WiFi without issues for me.

Keep in mind that some people do not encounter problems with Bluesound (see other posts above in this thread), even with WiFi only. Others like me suffer a lot when using Bluesond with Roon. I found that adding a second Bluesound device on WiFi (no matter which Bluesound it is), causes playback delays, freezes if you skip tracks and occasionally disappearing players from the network. I have documented these problems in various posts so have a look at my activity to find out more if you are interested.

In any case, with my current setup (Flex 2i and Soundbar 2i), all works fine after wiring the Soundbar via the power line adapter.

All the best

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Here is a data point. I have two BlueSound Node 2’s and a Vault 2. They worked intermittently over WiFi with Roon but in April, they quit completely. The Vault 2 however is not WiFi, it is connected by a LAN cable and Roon cannot find it. It isn’t just WiFi that is a problem.

Robert, for what is worth I am sorry for the very (very) long standing problems you are facing. In your case there is certainly more than just WiFi. It is super frustrating for sure.

Robert, has anyone else had eyes on your issues. Another perspective is always helpful in these situations.

@Henry_McLeod - Yes, I have been working with BlueSound and Roon on this. I am pretty certain I was one of the first to have such a hard failure but now there are numerous others experiencing the same problem. This is speculation on my part but I don’t believe Roon is at fault here, it seems to me it is a Bluesound HW/SW problem of some sort. Especially since I connected my Bryston BDP1 and Roon found it immediately.
@Yiannis_Kouropalatis - Thanks for the comment.

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Just a +1 to say I also confirm that the node 2i should not be considered “RoonReady”.

I just moved to a new place, Eero based network that routinely scores WiFi signals about 150megs.

The node 2i is the first of its generation in my system… all the rest is standard gen2.

Roon would only pick it up as an Airplay2 device by WiFi and did not see it as a RoonReady device. Crippling hires playback.

As soon as I wired it, it shows up immediately. A saving grace I suppose, but there is no reason those without hardwire should have to deal with a half functionality.

Yep, I have just found Bluesound and wifi is not very good. You can have a mesh wifi point (plume wifi) very very close to, say, a powernode2 and the diagnostics on the powernode2 will still show a weak signal.

I have been told in the Bluesound forums that they are adding code that will mean that the Bluesound devices will scan and connect to the best signal.

The whole experience has made be seriously consider a switch to Sonos. I don’t have any option for wiring any of the bluesound products at the moment.

I tried the switch to sonos and unfortunately it introduced different problems. Roon worked well (in some ways even better than Bluesound) but I did not like the sound flavour that sonos has gone for lately. What is more, you cannot apply Roon DSP if you stream to multiple sonos speakers. That means you are stuck with the Sonos EQ / Trueplay tuning. Lastly, I found that when I streamed to 3 sonos speakers or more… Roon would occasionally lose control and music would drop out.

ah, bummer :frowning: Did you report this? Might be something that can be fixed. There was a chap called * Ben Coburn who was the developer of Roon’s integration with Sonos. He doesn’t seem to be available under an @ here, but maybe see if you can discuss this issue with whoever looks after Roon and Sonos now.

Found him @ben