The Search Bug - it's real [Ticket In]

Found a repeat of the bug I’ve mentioned multiple times today. Try this:

Search “Jimi Tenor”

top search result says “Artist Jimi Tenor”

Click on it. Page is for Jimi Tenor COMPOSER, not artist, nor is there any toggle to switch to the Artist page. No albums or other recordings by him are displayed. This is why people search for an artist expecting to find their albums and they aren’t there.

Find a composition by Jimi Tenor that he also recorded, then click on that album, and then click on the artist link for Jimi Tenor again and you’re on the Artist page, with all albums displayed. Then the toggle appears to.

There’s a bug. For some reason, searches for certain artists take you to Composer instead of Artist and there is not toggle to get to Artist. It’s like Roon is disconnected from the identity as Artist until you prove it by finding an album.

This probably doesn’t work with any artist already in your library.

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Hi @James_I,

Thanks for reaching out! We currently have a ticket open with our team regarding this behavior. This occurs when you do a search for an artist for which you have a composition in your library but not any albums.

I can’t provide any specific timeframes here, but we will be sure to keep you updated when we have new information available.


Yes, I have been seeing this bug too…but had not been able to nail it down well enough to report it. @dylan’s post seems right on. Please fix this soon as it is a terrible bug! It makes music exploration difficult when I am searching for artist’s music when I have one or two of their songs in my library.

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Thanks Dylan. As long as you all know about it.

Yup, this is pretty close – I explained the bug here:

Unfortunately, it’s not a simple fix :frowning: Hopefully we have some news to report soon, guys.

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