Can’t find latest Solange album?

The latest Solange album released. It’s all over the main screen of the Tidal app. When I search Solange in Room, Roon will only show me Solange in a Composer view and I cannot for the life of me locate her latest album at all using Roon. What gives?? I just deleted my Roon database hoping it would reset things, nothing changed.

Others have spoken of similar search frustrations. What I’m saying is; it’s not you – it’s roon. As a work-around, try searching for the album name instead of the artist.

Thanks but I tried that and it doesn’t show up that way either.

Solange - When I Get Home

I cannot find this via Roon.

Most new albums are available in Roon within a day or so of publication in Tidal.

The latency is due to Tidal publishing their catalogue updates and the time it takes to process and ingest into Roon’s metadata.

Check tomorrow or the next day.

Cheers, Greg

It can take up to 40 hours unfortunately. It bugs me every week with new releases.

Thanks, this is not solved. Album is not available and furthermore the only view Roon offers me of this artist is the “Composer” view. Please help!

Here are the images of what I mean below. Can you help me figure out what is going on, please? I search for the artist, Roon gives me the Artist match, but when I tap on her name, I get only the Composer view:

Correct, see the explanation I linked above which explains where the potential 40 hours delay comes from. It means it will show up within the next day.

This happens every week for me, with major releases… Some albums show up quicker than others.

You’ll need to wait longer, until tomorrow perhaps.

If you read the above linked explanation you will see there is not much that can be done by Roon at the moment. It’s a weekly thing for now.

Hi @Robert_Murray,

I just wanted to check in and make sure that you’re able to see this album in Roon now. It appears to be available on our end.


Thanks for checking back in @dylan. I can now see the album, but I am still having problems.

To be very specific here, I have to search for “Solange When I Get Home” to bring it up. If I search for “Solange” and tap on her name in the “Artist” section (Top Result) as pictured in my attachments, I only get the “Composer” view for this artist.

In this view, I cannot see all of her albums and I cannot see this newest album.

This is the only artist that exhibits this behavior. Can you help me resolve this issue, please?

Are you able to click the 3 dots icon in your second screenshot and select Go To Performer?

Cheers, Greg

These three dots?

Hi Robert,

That’s really strange. Do you have a computer or tablet you can use as a Remote to see if that device can she her albums?

Cheers, Greg

Same view on the iPad.

Any ideas? I’m open to troubleshooting suggestions here. Just want it to work right.

Hi @Robert_Murray,

I think this is happening because you have Compositions from Solange in your library but not any of her main albums. If you add her latest album to your library does she now appear as a Performer when you view her page?

That seems to work but it’s a weird workaround.

Yup, this is a bug.

To be clear, the bug happens when you have someone who:

  • Appears in your library as a composer
  • Has 0 performances in your library (meaning they don’t have any tracks, albums, or appearances in your library)

In this situation, Roon will present this person to you as a Composer, but won’t give you the switch to view them as a Performer. That’s the bug.

Unlike your library, my library has some Solange, so I get the switch (on the right):

We’re aware of this bug, but I don’t have a timeline for a fix at the moment.

For now, the workaround is to add a performance to your library – any performance, whether it’s an album, track, feature, etc – and then you’ll have access to the Performer view.

Thanks for the report @Robert_Murray and sorry for the trouble here.

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Ah, thanks for owning it. If it’s on your list to fix eventually, I’m happy. This is the first I’ve run into the issue.

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