The shape of Roon Community to come?

Initially i found the Roon Community a nice hangout, with some helpful dudes (and occasional dudesses) liking to discuss various things music and audio and of course the best way to implement this new king of software players, Roon.

However, lately i find this forum vitriolic and bitter and everyone describing their experience or enthusiasm about setup or products which enhance their enjoyment, gets called out and basically told a liar becuse there has not been “scientific proof” involved or blind ABX testing involved.

Of course this is because “bits are bits” and “all cables sound the same” and of course “Amir says” dis and dat and Topping DACs are all everyone needs.
The aggressors have never heard or experienced the product or tweak in question and anyone vouching for them is either gullible or a fraud.

They are always attacking in packs and some are verbally skilled, making it difficult to counter for the poor sod who just spent way too much money on a power cable. And he’s surely getting told how silly he was and that he spent his money on an illusion.

This behaviour hinders discussion and makes the Roon community an unfriendly place. Now, why is this bullying tolerated by the Roon Crew and forum moderators? Vitriolic comments and axe grinding is NOT allowed when the Roon product is the device in question?
Why should it be allowed when the subject are products from manufacturers, magazines or enthusiastic users?

To me, the community has gone sour and no longer present a worthwile source of infotainment…


Sadly I’ve noticed over the last few or more years this has been accelerating and I don’t foresee that the future will be much different sad to say.

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Over many years of forum use and moderation I’ve seen this pattern and it is usually a reflection of how the owners and moderators think. It is not in itself a bad thing because in this case it helps to set a standard that makes supporting the product easier. But their silence in the face of some of the commentary and in one case I can think of staff adding a like to that commentary means on some topics I feel less inclined to engage on the forum. But I still come back because my shrink tells me using linear power supplies does not make me a bad person! She won’t be drawn on audiophile switches but I respect her opinion. :rofl::rofl:


Here was me thinking this thread would be about attracting younger people/more females/people of limited resources etc. sadly it appears a way of restarting the argument that the op is complaining about that has been done to death.
Personally I think people can buy what they like, just don’t tell me that I’m too deaf or my system won’t be good enough to hear a difference. For balance I understand people like me may like a bit of colour in a system so may not want perfect measuring.
I’m an individual and don’t need a herd to fit in.


So people who believe in magical properties of ethernet cables should be allowed to post whatever they want while saying that this contradicts known facts should be forbidden? That’s what would hinder discussion and make the Roon community an unfriendly place.


Yes, they ARE allowed to experience and tell. And you are allowed to chime in or contradict with your experience.

But this thread is not about the facts or experiences, rather how we convey them in this forum.


Thanks to Mickael for bringing up this subject.

I do not post much because of what you mentioned. I noticed some people enjoy attacking others and not the conversation itself.

Perhaps Roon should limit the conversations to Roon and its ecosystem. Roon is a company I respect, and I always want to see them succeed.



Yes they are and nobody is taking that away. My point was that anyone else is free to disagree, but you seemed unhappy about this part.

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You are not just disagreeing. Even in this thread you managed to introduce the comment about magical properties. And that isn’t coincidence. You know it is the right side of the rules but it ridicules the person you are responding to.


No technical explanation has ever been offered or an effect actually been demonstrated, so that makes any supposed effects magical as far as the technical part is concerned or imagined as far as the missing demonstration is concerned.

Any supposed ridiculing would immediately stop if either an explanation was offered or an effect demonstrated.


I see more than trace of hypocrisy in this reply.

Because why?

I would just like to say that I agree with the original post. If I dare.

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I still wonder what the solution should be, apart from banning non-Roon discussions completely?


There is no requirement to offer a technical explanation.
Banning none Roon discussion is also pointless because people are not talking about this stuff in isolation from Roon. We are here because we use (or have used) Roon. These are usually discussions about how.

This is correct, there isn’t. But then other people may point out that there is none, and here we are.

My mum always told me to to think before opening my mouth. I suppose this applies to forums, but typing.

This thread is about (correct me if I’m incorrect @Mikael_Ollars ) the style of approach to threads that we may take part in.

There are many threads & posts that we don’t agree with. We all know that giving a viewpoint can inflame the others response.

Keeping things civil, agreeing to disagree I suppose, but if you believe deep down the other person in a thread isn’t going to agree with you, think twice before posting to ensure the right level of response.

I’m not an innocent party and lately (well, as of yesterday) will be taking a back seat from input on the forum. Musical posts only for me, when time allows.

A few other points I’d like to share is;

  1. My view of the purpose of this forum, whilst in principle is good, is that Roon could do with another way for users to get Roon Support. My view is private messaging to the @ support tag. While I appreciate quite a few issues can easily be rectified by other forum users, it’s the niche aspect of our fabulous hobby that introduces the 2 sides of the fence.

  2. Private message people to air viewpoints, away from the open forum. Discuss things like that and it keeps the forum free for diplomatic posts/threads.

  3. Read the forum rules. Which I believe reads similar to the point behind this thread.

  4. Isn’t it all about the music? Let’s embrace that point.

Healthy debate, well, as I say above out hobby is quite niche and does for some reason bring 2 views to the table.

Excuse the wording below, just the only way I can get it across without aiming to offend.

We have;

Music first people - I’d like to say I’m in this camp (but have been in the other camp 10 or so years ago). I’m in this camp now as I’ve done below and spent £££££’s
Edit: I lost my way from the reason behind all this, the music.


Audiophiles - always striving to better the sound, the sound, like the artist was in the room. Money no object.

We also have those who are;

Tech novices - some just want plug and play, and that’s cool. Sometimes Roon can be a bit tricky with some issues. Tech novices need good helpful advice.

Tech competent - I’m here I feel, one who feels able enough to resolve issues with minimal help.

Tech gurus - there are many more experienced people on this forum than I, but you guys have the greater responsibility. Not to patronise, condescend and revert to laymen terms for the lesser knowledgeable like me.

I also think discussions on cables should be banned from this forum :grin:

(Spell check now done :wink:)


Well, let’s see…

You’re seem to advocate for not hindering discussion, and you think some statements would make the Roon community an unfriendly place.

Yet, disparaging contributors by using the term “magical” – which is rather derogative – and engaging in ‘whatabout-ism’, your post seems, to me, to hinder discussion and make the community a less-friendly place. Thus, the hypocrisy.

Just my view of it. It doesn’t matter much to the overall discussion.


I never said this. I said that allowing one kind of statement while restricting another kind would do that.

I don’t see the problem. If someone tells me that the hollow earth is filled with reptiles, the burden is on them to prove it, and I’ll treat it appropriately if they tell me otherwise.

It IMHO does not make for a healthy community to entertain any crackpot theory, because where do you draw the line? Bayesian probability applies.

Requesting rational hypotheses and evidence shouldn’t need justification in the 21st century.

I don’t run this forum and Roon can decide otherwise.


This thread is already heading in the direction I thought it might, I’m off.

Have fun :wink: