The Soul of a New Machine

( with apologies to Tracy Kidder)

I just built my super machine. A Ryzen 7 2700X. Eight cores, clock of 3.7-4.3G. Since I plan on running multiple VMs, I installed 32GB of RAM. I named it Leviathan. :grimacing:

Since I don’t really speak Linux and am only marginal in VM architecture, I will have many future questions for the tinkering gurus.

To start -

#1 - The supplied Wraith CPU cooler is obnoxiously loud. Is this normal or do I have a lemon. The noise doesn’t really matter since it will be in the rack in the cellar; just want to make sure it will last. I suppose I could go with water cooling. Sure glad I replaced the 7 case fans with Noctua (:smirk:).

My VMs will eventually be a WIN10 media server VM running RoonServer, JShiver (video only), Plex, and whatever else fits that category, a pfSense VM, an Android VM, and possibly a FreeNAS (or whatever) VM.

#2 - Win10 can be upgraded to be a VM host. Comments on whether that would be efficient enough to run multiple VMs. My suspicion is that it won’t be.

#3 - What would be a good VM host. Ubuntu is always a choice. I’ve been reading that Qube is as close to bare metal as one can get. Any other candidates?

Thanks for comments.


I have a similar setup (Ryzen 7 2700, 32 GB). I used a fanless cooler and fanless power supply, though. Works fine as long as the case fans work (which they do, I replaced the stock fans with Noctua PWM fans as well). Completely silent unless I’m ripping something.

I’m using Xubuntu as the host OS. Past experience is that it works well as a VM host (I use VirtualBox).

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New Computers are in the air. Currently, building my new machine. i7 9700k, 32 GB Memory.


Yeah, always fun. I could have waited for the Ryzen 3000 series, but I got a good deal on the 2700.

I thought I’d try AMD over Intel, for a change. So far, so good.

Good luck, I always hold my breath with new motherboards. Over the years, I’ve gotten several that were DOA.

BTW - Like your layout. Mine is in a Rosewell rack case, so not a consideration.

I’ve always used bigger cases for my main machine. My current machine is in a SilverStone Tenjen. The extra space is nice for large hands. Small enclosures can be a PIA. Also, cable management is much much easier. Especially in this case. Corsair 680x.

I usually use Gigabyte boards at work. The last update to my main machine, I threw in an Asus. Now, I’m back to Gigabyte, it is the Designare z390. Nice board, check it out.

I pulled the trigger during Amazon Prime days as almost all the parts on my wish list went on hefty sale.

Agree completely. My Rosewell case is a rack size of 4U. It’s also a monster in length. I need to use a rack shelf with it.

I’ve had the worse experience with Gigabyte boards. My new AMD board is an MSI. I suppose one takes a chance no matter what the OEM.

Ha, exactly what I did. Great minds and all that…

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Yes, and a particularly bad experience can taint future purchase decisions. Luckly, I’ve never had an issue with a gigabyte board.

But, I remember when Seagate had their run of bad HD batches. Never bought a Seagate again and have stuck with WD (for spinning drives since). Fun factoid, one of my drives in my current case is a 500 GB Raptor. Sadly, it will not be migrating to the new one.


Thanks, I added it to the list.

YUM! PC PORN :yum:


Finished project. Tempered glass installed. There are some differences from the mid-build pic posted earlier. Just need to re-load all my software as this is a ground up fresh OS install. ( I feel those are needed every so often, :L)


Very nice. Big honking case. Pity it’s going down cellar.

Does water cooling make that much difference?

I think it is quieter. It is down in the cellar, but, so am I, LOL. It’s also my main computer box. As well as a Roon Server.

Now that is SICK! I could look at that for hours, any chance of some detailed shots?

I want one, blue lights and all.

Just for fun Rugby, can you list your build please.

I am a Mac guy but you never know when you have to step over to the dark side :grin:

Nice job Slim.

My new i9-9900K machine is now up and running.

In the end stayed away from fanless because I’ll be pushing this CPU hard and will be in Turbo Boost mode at all times and I went with a class leading big Noctua fan. There’s 3 models suitable for overclocking the 9900K (I won’t be overclocking but will be in Turbo Boost mode all the time). I picked the smallest (lightest) of those suitable

I went with a boring looking big Fractal Design Define R6 case. No windows to look inside - I know, yawn.

Doing some really CPU intensive stuff with HQPlayer, the 9 case fans and PSU fan and Noctua fan aren’t anywhere near as loud as I thought. It still won’t be inside the listening room but in the room next door (even both doors open), don’t hear anything at all.

The case and Seasonics 750W PSU are locked and loaded for adding an RTX 2080 Ti when I choose to push to the button :grin:

like living near an airport then? :wink:

Whew, big bucks, big horses. I’d have serious concerns building something with that kind of outlay, just from the trouble shooting potential.

Yeah, I have 5 120mm and 2 80 mm fans with the case. One 120 mm in the hot swap unit and the fan in the PSU. All Noctua replacements, except for PSU, and all whisper quiet. The CPU fan I can hear from the next room. Very annoying. As soon as I get everything setup BIOS wise and am able to log in remotely then it’s going down cellar.

As boring as it gets, but huge -

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What’s the make and model of CPU fan? Get a massive Noctua! So quiet.

It’s the cooler that came with the Ryzen.

Everything is in the case, now. I don’t want to tempt fate.

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Ha you must be like me then. Everytime I try to change something (software or hardware), at least one thing will break. Guaranteed.

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Water cooling is your friend from a sonic perspective. :smiley:

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