The unlucky tale of two lemons in row - Technics SU-G30

I just can’t believe it; after returning the integrated amp above to the dealer due to constant F61 errors and subsequent shutdowns, I got a new one which now has its OLED display blank/off after just a couple of days (so I cannot, for instance, see the bit rate/MQA rate of a song being played anymore).

So far, everything else works OK and I am at least able to access its settings via the iPhone app; but I do feel anger for getting yet another lemon. And I do not even wish to return it anymore, especially since the dealer is abroad.

I even opened its lid to see if something was off - but apart from some flat flexible cables, there does not seem to be anything I can do about it, unless someone can advise me otherwise.

It seems like 2020 cannot end soon enough!