➡️ The Vinyl Bar (Yes, we’re open) [2022-03]

Our corner where we can talk about vinyl, share records we have recently purchased, old and new releases, pre-orders, talk about your collection… the lot!

No arguing about which sounds better - vinyl or digital :stuck_out_tongue: You will be painfully moderated by Kevin aka @AceRimmer. Plus, we all know MIDI is king!

PS: This will also be the place where we (try to) convince @Michael_Harris to buy his first turntable, or chip in to buy him one :laughing:

Also linking to this great turntable setup thread here.


I’ll break the ice with a pre-order I am very excited about.

4LP, remastered (engineer/pressing plant still unknown), 20th anniversary box set available April 29th.



Nice one @RBO !

This is maybe not too recent an acquisition but what a set!
Took awhile to actually find a sealed set at a fair price but very happy I did.
Great band I saw live support for Deftones and imho, they blew them off the stage!


Excellent band! Missed out on that box set last year. Had it it my amazon basket, forgot to check out and boom, was gone.

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Ha ha not my first Turn Table. I have had a few previously and still own a good selection of vinyl, but nothing less than about 30 years old.

I don’t currently have space for a TT, but maybe in the future.
I will enjoy this thread regardless and take great joy in your happiness.


I stand corrected in this case :grin:

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I see that Nora Jones vinyl on it makes me think, how lovely, but I would have to keep getting up to turn the record over so often :joy:

Looks amazing though

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For the metal heads (like me), this is another one of my pre-orders - Arch Enemy “Deceivers” box set.

Out July 29th.


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It’s called exercise :laughing:


I’ve gone from 0 LPs this summer to about 120 today and still counting.

Therefore my recommendations for on-line stores.

Acoustic Sounds for new and for their own label re-issues.
Dusty Groove for new but mostly used at a good price and accurate grading.
VinylMePlease, very boutique and I don’t care for the genres, but the product is top notch.
Sams Records independent boutique French pressings, some of which one can find at Acoustic Sounds.
Amazon which has BlueNote cheaper than the BlueNote site, but doesn’t always pack safely.
And, of course Discogs.

Interested in any other suggestions.


I have 2 dogs that require lots of exercise :grin:
They would not like a TT in the house and might see is as competition


I had less than 10 records before the pandemic and now have 190. I fully understand what you’re saying :laughing:

Acoustic Sounds/Analogue Productions are great. Sadly not as accessible (price wise) for us across the pond. I take it you’re on the opposite side of the pond?

I own their pressings of Counting Crows (August and everything after) and Norah Jones (Come away with me) and they are PHENOMENAL!

For me, one of the best sources for vinyl will always be Discogs. Pre-orders or other new ones I usually get from Amazon.


I keep my whisky next to the turntable. Perfect pairing, and 20 minutes is good for a refill.


Discogs is probably my go-to if I’m looking for a specific album.
Otherwise as I travel all over the USA for work my therapy is finding gems in LRS of places I visit .

Google Keyser, WV…a small pot of humanity just over the WV border.

Has one record store that had an excellent selection of British 80’s music…I spent a lot of money in the weeks I was there😁


I’m afraid I’m going to have to flag your post. :grimacing:

Nah. Ged is a good egg :slight_smile:


I have a feeling that alongside the pet pics and wine threads, this is going to be a new favourite hangout for me.

I only came back to vinyl a few short months before the pandemic bit. I had no old collection to resurrect (I’ve told the story of my acrimonious split from a girlfriend back in the early 90s which resulted in my collection getting destroyed). Since I got the first TT in 30 years (a Rega P3), not only have I traded-up to a MoFi Ultradeck and upgraded the cartridge and the phono stage further, but I seem to be nudging 400 titles in just over 2 years. I’m so glad Mrs Tel is along for the vinyl ride; she’s amazing at crate diving too.


Geez Tel! Must have missed that bit on here.

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My last vinyl purchase was when I was on holiday in France and bought Geogaddi by Boards of Canada, in about 1998.
Once I retire I’ll fire my turntable up in my office. Meanwhile my vinyl is just part of the furniture.