Who has a turntable in their setup?

I’ve recently rediscovered vinyl and was curious how many of you also have the analog bug.

  • Currently has a turntable
  • Had a turntable last century
  • What’s a turntable?

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If by last century you mean the 1970’s, then yes as marked.

I clicked on “last century” but, to be completely honest, I still have 2.5 turntables. OTOH, I have sold all my vinyl.Turntable

I have a turntable, and it is connected to my main system. But I haven’t played anything on it for about 10 years. All my vinyl was bought before 1985.

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Yep, I bought a new phono section for it this year too. It sits next to the reel to reel tape player.


Yes. Jumped back in big time in October with a new cartridge and about to pull the plug on a new phono stage. All of a sudden I like washing LPs, putting them in new sleeves, tightening down the record clamp, etc.

New TT in my sights too. Who woulda thought. :blush:



I have a Rega P3, rarely used but every now and again I hear a brickwalled anomaly and rather than search for a earlier costly CD version to buy simply put the vinyl on.



You’ve just reminded me I have two TTs and a phono stage boxed in the garage and ready to be sold because I’ll never use them. LP12 and Music Hall 7.1.

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Technics SL1210 mk2 with Atvm95ml cart.

Absolutely love it and probably use for about 75% of my listening.

I’m 48 and been collecting records since I was a kid so they’ll always be my favoured source material. I listen to a lot of Jazz and it just sounds so right on vinyl.


I have 2 TT’s.
1 Rega planar 3 with cartridge Rega Exact and a Rega Phono.
2 Denon DP-400 with cartridge Ortofon MC1 Turbo on the Phono input PMA 2500NE.

I buy and play a lof of vinyl.


Pro-Ject 1 Xpression Carbon UKX used for occasional retrospectives and to play gifts from my son–we share new and unusual vinyl at Christmas and birthdays.

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I have a Technics SL-7 don’t really use it though.

I’ve not owned a record player since school, having bought a first generation CD player when at uni.

Strangely enough I have a lot of vinyl as a lot of LPs these days come with digital downloads.

I have a Linn LP12, and I absolutely love it.
I’ve had it for 32 years, and hope to get another 32 out of it!

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“Souped up” technics with sme arm and detachable head-shell to easily swap cartridges between stereo and mono since they started the trend of mono reissue.
I have recorded all of my vinyl though for ease when I’m feeling lazy.

A rarely used Linn LP-12.

Pro-ject Debut Carbon Esprit
(what a name :roll_eyes: but it’s a nice turntable for the money)

Usually play Roon, but a couple of times a year I listen to some records. Also got a repress of “the golden record” which is much more fun than a digital file…


everday used Technics sl1200gr MC cartridge Lehmann decade preamp. Records collection1968/1995
okkinokki plus ultrasonic recordcleanining

Also spent some sundays with the Knosti Disco Antistat (again what a name…) to clean my collection and added new sleeves. Works remarkably well!

I’ve got no CD collection, only LP’s, some digital files and Qobuz. When the world ends I need my record collection :joy:

We need a Show off your (Roon System) Turntable thread.

I have two:

an Avid Diva II SP with a Rega RB303 arm, and a Soundsmith Zephyr III:

Phono stage is an Avid Pellar. Roon in this case is via a Logitech (neé Slim Devices) Transporter.

2nd TT is a Rega P3/Soundsmith Otello, with a Schiit Modi phonostage.

Roon is via an RPi4/RopieeeXL into the Quad VA-One+.