There is no direct or obvious way of turning shuffle mode off (also the 'Play' button is incorrectly labeled if it shuffles instead of playing)

Beside the debate about how shuffling and queuing work.
I believe we can all agree that :

  1. Labeling a button that will shuffle “play”.
  2. Displaying a shuffle indicator (bottom right of the play pane) that you can’t turn off.

Are both quite serious shortcomings.
No one should ever have to google how to turn of the shuffle mode in any playback software.
I had to, it wasn’t nice, at the very least please make the shuffle indicator interactive in the play section

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More Shuffle complaints.:grinning:

I have posted my share.
My experience is that the Devs are against making any reasonable changes to Shuffle.


I, once, found shuffle to be on (no idea how it happened) and struggled before managing how to turn it off :roll_eyes:

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Agreed, have to say its really frustrating UI!