There is no direct or obvious way of turning shuffle mode off (also the 'Play' button is incorrectly labeled if it shuffles instead of playing)

Beside the debate about how shuffling and queuing work.
I believe we can all agree that :

  1. Labeling a button that will shuffle “play”.
  2. Displaying a shuffle indicator (bottom right of the play pane) that you can’t turn off.

Are both quite serious shortcomings.
No one should ever have to google how to turn of the shuffle mode in any playback software.
I had to, it wasn’t nice, at the very least please make the shuffle indicator interactive in the play section

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More Shuffle complaints.:grinning:

I have posted my share.
My experience is that the Devs are against making any reasonable changes to Shuffle.


I, once, found shuffle to be on (no idea how it happened) and struggled before managing how to turn it off :roll_eyes:

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Agreed, have to say its really frustrating UI!

I am not sure if this is the correct thread, but I noticed that when playing an album, it always goes into shuffle mode. I then have to go to the queue and turn of repeat and shuffle (which are both blue / on). Next time I start Roon (Mac, iPad, iPhone, all the same) and I play an album, repeat and shuffle are on again. So annoying! I never had this before and I notice this behavior since a few weeks (not sure how long exactly).

Is this the problem you refer to? And is there a solution or workaround to avoid this behavior?


Don’t want to disagree with you, but Shuffle and Repeat simply do not work that way.

In any event, that isn’t what people are referring to in this thread.

The problem that drives people, or least me, nuts is that once set on Shuffle stays on and that the Shuffle mode is hidden in the queue screen.

For people who don’t understand this, the complaint is that their album tracks are playing out of order.

I agree with the comments to offer a way to permanently turn shuffle off if desired. I never use shuffle but continue to have the same issues as others in this discussion. I do notice that playback seems to ignore your queue when playing. For example, I set up a queue of songs that would take about 16 hours to play through; I use applications like Roon to provide background music in my home. I went to the queue, clicked on the first song and hit play, just like I would do with all of my other MP3 software packages. The first song plays then the queue disappears and I starting getting random songs being played and shuffle listed as managing playback. This is terrible and not what I need.

I see that the "shuffle"icon does change colour when engaged but had to look very closely using todays controller that is my laptops 15"screen. Could this icon be changed in a future rev so that On or OFF condition is more obvious in a typical q screen ?

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this is baffling. It feels like Roon is part of some alternative universe where the notion of “shuffle” is different.
When a queue is shuffled, it is shuffled… If in the middle of playing a shuffled queue you start a new album, it starts from the first track and plays tracks in order. This happens because the old queue is now replaced with your album track list. And when your new queue is a full album who in the world would want to play it shuffled? and if they did, there is always a shuffle command to apply.
Just use any music player available today - Apple Music, Spotify, GPM - they all get this right. Maybe because it is normal and Roon is not normal. Maybe we all got here thorough a cosmic wormhole… ET go home…has anyone from Roon ever explained this weird behaviour?

My 2 cents from a year ago -

I think it’s a typical situation when we get bogged down in details on HOW something should be implemented - we should just say clearly what we want: do it like all other music players. Easy.

It’s been a while since I used other players.

Most turn shuffle off after the queue is over, don’t they?

Suggestions seem to be needed. :sunglasses:.

I think the basic idea is that when a new queue is started the default mode is straight playback. Because this is what happens when you hit “play” in an album page - you replace the existing queue with a new queue. This seems like accepted normal behaviour in all players I know. I don’t think more sophisticated ways of saying this are necessary.

BTW I just tried this in Tidal - Shuffle was on in my currently playing queue, once I hit play for a new album, shuffle was off and album started playing in order of tracks. No drama :slight_smile:


My initial post wasn’t about the details of how shuffle should work in roon.
I was merely pointing 2 basic UI/UX shortcomings.

  • the shuffle indicator in the bottom right of the player bar isn’t toggleable.
  • there is no obvious way of knowing where to switch it off.

I understand that these shortcomings might be the consequence of the specific shuffle implementation in roon.
Yet i still think theses should be addressed.
Like I said, I had to google that out and I’m not the only one.

The awkwardness of Shuffle On/Off has bothered me for quite a while as well.
Now, however, I have discovered a very elegant (in my view) workaround:
@DrCWO has programmed a Surface Dial as a remote control and with this you can simply toggle Shuffle as well. I have been using it for a few days now and it works perfectly.
Apart from that it controls volume etc. and it can very well serve as a main interface to Roon.

More details here can be found here: