There really isnt an iPad UI for ARC?

Just phone screen sizes? Thats quite a disappointment

First things first.


This is the first iteration of Roon Arc, I’m sure there are going to be lots of exciting developments ahead…including native tablet apps…


I would have thought the most important development is to get the comms rock solid and sort out issues.

The picture perfect view would be nice BUT not if it simply doesn’t work !!

Patience is a virtue , this has been 4 years in the coming


There isn’t an Ipad app for Instagram either, which is for more unbelievable considering how long it has been around. ARC is only a few months old.


It’s a phone on the move app, I don’t fancy walking round with an 11 inch ipad in my pocket.

I think it’s perfect for its intended purpose, carplay integration would be my next development.

I used ARC on my iPad whilst staying at a friends place in Cornwall. Bluetooth to my little LG speaker was perfect for the job. I just wish we could build a queue in ARC, but I. Sure that will come in time.

It’s an on the move app - any use case away from your home/core is valid. Lots of activities outside of a walk in the park. I’d like full CarPlay integration as well, however a tablet app would be much more important to me.

It will come.

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I find ARC perfectly usable in iPadOS, and no doubt it will get better, but it works brilliantly for me on iPad and Android phone.


Not perfect, but it will do me for now.


I use my iPad Pro mounted in the car as a navigation/OBD display, usually split screened to provide a retrofit CarPlay experience.

Support for split view can mean I can have Arc alongside Maps. Definitely fits the “on the move” criteria.