Thinking about bringing my complete AAC library into Roon

Hello, I just thinking about bringing my complete AAC Library into Roon. My current media library is very well edited. Not that much data, but a lot of manually written titles and scanned artwork. A lot of sources does not have available metadata in other portals… Reading some articles, I have been getting a little reluctant. Is the problem solved now? Can I be sure that I will never loose my data? Thanks for your answers.

Hi @All and welcome to the Roon forums. It’s not quite clear which particular problem you’re referring to. This might put your mind at least

Roon does not alter your files in any way, and there is no way to edit your file tags in Roon. Roon was never designed to be tagging software – Roon will use the tags as a starting point, after which it will add it’s own rich metadata on top.

The quote’s from from this page on Roon’s KB


A good backup strategy is the answer to this problem. Hope this helps.

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Thank you for reply. What I mean: If you have CDs which Roon does not know, you have to name songs, albums, etc. by yourself and upload cover art. As I understood, that will be saved in roon (if not, where else?). And if the database is defect, I have a problem. I read some people having is during an update last year.

BTW … Backup, sure I have to manage that.

On that page, ROON staff writes:

Editing an album will freeze it’s structure

Ouch! I wish someone could edit that apostrophe out of >it’s<


Hi @Cdamo

:white_check_mark: DONE!


I am so grateful!! My eyes feel better now :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: