Thinking about upgrading to a Synology NAS

This is a dumb question but I’m thinking about upgrading to a synology NAS. Right now I’m running core on a mac mini with a time capsule as my NAS. Is that different than using the synology NAS As a Roon server and using the Roon iPhone app as a controller, ie can the core live on the server and I bypass the Mac mini altogether?

Hi Matthew,

With a Synology (or QNAP) NAS you can install and run Roon Server and have all you music files stored on the NAS.

However you need to be careful what version / specification of NAS you select … have a read of Roon Server on NAS for more information.

Thanks I’ll read your link.

Just to clarify, is this of benefit than keeping my music folder on the Time Capsule as NAS and running Roon Core on the MacBook Mini?

I’ve read the link you shared, thanks. A few clarification questions:

  1. Having SSD RAM holding the server and database (specifically database) is totally different than the music files, which are on an add-on 1-2TB spinning disc correct?


Lastly, these are four of the QNAP drives, one of which ( the 471) was recommended on the Roon knowledge base. The 453 is about $400 cheaper than the 471, any reason why I should get the more expensive one?[]=158&cp[]=172&cp[]=212&cp[]=260&ref=product_overview

Yes, processing power.

Carl was asking above, I think, for you to review what your requirements are for Roon to see what requirements you will need in a NAS. How much music do you have? How many endpoints will Roon be streaming to, is the NAS going to be doing anything else? All these things will need processing power. The more music, the more processing power; the more simultaneous endpoint streams, more processing power; NAS doing other chores than just running Roon, more processing power.

The 471 comes in two flavors of CPU, the one you want is. TVS-471-i3-4G: Dual-core Intel® Core™ i3-4150 3.5 GHz Processor as an i3 is the suggested minimum CPU for Roon. If you have over 70K tracks then you might need an i5 based NAS.

Thanks for the feedback. I have about 9k tracks, and about 300 DVDS that could live on the NAS as well. I have four Roon endpoints; two RPI3s, one MicroRendu, and an Onkyo DAP.

Thanks again!

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Hi Matthew,

I don’t know the Mac world, but do like the Synology NAS. I’ve had the DS1511+ for five years and it’s been very reliable. (just the expected occasional drive failures)

I agree with the advice on CPU choice. I have a huge music library and my NAS couldn’t run the Roon Server. So it’s used for storage and does well.

Good luck.

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