This Album Has Been Deleted

@support I get this message periodically. I have left Roon on the screen showing whilst playing an album. Then the next day I come back to Roon to get this screen

I have no idea what if anything has been deleted. Running Roon 1.3 build 247 64 bit on windows 10 home 64 bit.

There’s something weird happening. I get this message (or simulate) often on my laptop running Roon core. It’s quite disconcerting.

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Hi @Tony_Reimann ----- Thank you for the report and sharing this observation with us. The feedback is appreciated!

Moving forward, I would like to gather a bit more information from you in regard to this behave you’re are experiencing. Please see below.

  • When you notice this message on the screen, does it appear after playing back local content, TIDAL content, or a mixture of both?

  • My assumption is that once you navigate away from this screen and say, click back to “overview”, everything is back to normal. Correct?

  • Can you please confirm how your musical collection is being stored/accessed.


I get that message occasionly after pausing or closing my MacBook Pro which runs my Roon Core. For some reason my mounted SMB drive that contains my music is not seen and the only music that shows in Roon is my Tidal tag ged releases. I just have to point to or remount via SMB command and all is well.

It only happens with local content, I don’t use tidal at all.

Yes when navigating away all seems well.

Music is stored on a NAS mapped as a drive on windows.

Can’t help you with Windows. Fortunately I haven’t had to touch a Windows machine in 9 years.

When something is missing you think should be there, open the Settings tab in Roon and look under “storage” and make sure that Roon is not in the process of rescanning your local storage location. This happened to me tonight and I had to wait 'till it finished to play a CD I knew was there.

Hi @Tony_Reimann ---- Thank you for the follow up and providing the requested feedback. Very appreciated.

Moving forward, when you see this message in Roon (i.e. “This albums has been deleted”) can you confirm that the NAS is still able to be accessed on the OS level outside of the application.


TIP: If you need to test this, please remember to not navigate away from the error message and rather, just minimize the application to check for the NAS’s availability on the OS.

This happens infrequently so it may be months until i can test specifically but i know there is no problem using the nas outside roon.