This constant loss of audio zones (even if devices are listed) is becoming unbearable - when is Roon going to fix it?

No need to elaborate any further, as this has been reported a thousand times elsewhere - when is Roon going to fix what clearly constitutes a showstopper bug?


I am in full agreement and share your frustration. As I posted in another thread:
At this time I don’t even care about the way Roon looks or functions. All that will be fine. I just want my audio zones to be there when I need them. Like before 1.8. Eight days in and things are still F’d.

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Let me try again: @support, WHEN are you going to fix this? It would be great to have some transparency here.

This is such a MASSIVE failure on the part of Roon Labs and demonstrates that there software development and beta testing is completely inadequate for the task.

I have been told elsewhere in the Roon Community that Roon does not do extensive Beta testing and it shows. They have more staff focused on successful user experience than developers !

Fortunately, I am still within my 30 day money back guarantee period since I have just started a yearly subscription.

The sad fact is that my free trial period was based on 1.7 of Roon where it performed very well. Certainly no disappearing audio zones.

With 1.8 I have nearly 10 zones and half keep disappearing, sometimes even within the active listening session when music track changes from pcm to DSD and vice versa. Requires a full restart of Roon core on dedicated server.

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In fact, sometimes not even a restart of the Roon Server/core works for me - either zones remain unselectable, or they display that weird bug where the tiny “playing” icon is moving, but there is no sound at all or movement along the progress bar.

That’s possible. Roon on the server suffers from a memory leak yesterday started using 500mb by evening over 1Gb and so on. Before you know the server is unstable and requires a complete restart.

Even a college student project software would be better than this.

I see a lot of frustration in several of these comments.
I know for sure that the Roon-engineers are working hard to solve this and all remaining bugs as soon as possible. Shouting that one problem is really unacceptable is not very helping those guys.
I also encountered some of the problems, but please stay polite to those Roon-engineers as that is the only way to motivate people to do their work. Not by shouting at them, but rather help them in finding a solution and applauding for all the nice work they have put into the 1.8 release.
To give a date to when this or another bug will be fixed is very difficult. One knows when it will be fixed the moment that one fixed the problem. That is most of the time the reality with technical problems.
Stay positive and let those guys do their work in a positive atmosphere.
Sorry for this poste, but I have read too much negative messages the last days in this community. I had to ventilate my concern.


it was over a week since first complains on that issue, and sure it is a minor fix for major problem, and no comments from above other than “ticket in”… waking in the morning - REBOOT, coming after work - REBOOT. and a fix - db locking issue - seems like one line of code.
@god please take care of us

Agreed all we need is a professional Developer post page pined giving status updates, apology for inconvenience etc and essentially taking the initiative rather then leave it to the so called Roon community forum to argue it out which is precisely what’s going on for days now.

Remember most users were forced into this upgrade with no recourse to downgrade because systems tend to be set to automatically upgrade and in case of iPads and other tablets nearly always so.

I am also sure developers are buzzing around trying to put out fires and get out a new 1.8 stable version with as many fixes as they can.

Hence a status page would really help.

So if any Roon Developers see this comment, consider if you can make it so. It will really help defuse a tense situation and help carry your customers the users with you on the journey.

They will have more respect fir you if you show them respect.

Two way street.

Hello All,

Apologies for the trouble! We’re working on a solution to this and will keep everyone updated here:

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Thank you.

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