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I’m just trying to use the Roon trial on my PC (already in my second week).

Have already installed RoonServer on unraid server.

Trying to install Roon on
Windows 10, i5-11660k, 64GB RAM.

But it says

“This device is not compatible with Roon 2.0”.
Then it links me to, which doesn’t help much but links me to here, where I am now, just trying to figure out why I can’t install the trial.

Pretty irritating to be honest but I’ll persevere because I hear such great things. I don’t see anything that says it’s not available on Windows 10. On my Mac I understand I need to upgrade from Mojave.

Not sure what to do next, any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks.

What’s the graphics hardware you have installed in the PC? And I assume that you have the latest graphics drivers installed?

Thanks for the response Geoff! Updating my graphics drivers did the trick. I have a GTX 1070.

Pays to keep an eye open when there is za windows update, there is a habit of altering graphics drivers

Will do Mike cheers. I guess I’m surprised Roon cares about graphics drivers at all but I know now.

It uses the GPU on the graphics card quite extensively

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