This is part 2 since first thread not answered and then locked: When clicking the heart button on an album it just keeps loading forever

Roon Core Machine

5950x, 64 GB DDR4 corsair vengeance 3600, win 10, rtx 3090

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Rogers modem/router combination

Connected Audio Devices

Using USB into di20he then terminator (Denafrips)

Number of Tracks in Library

Unknown but big library.

Description of Issue

When pressing the + button next to an album i get a pop up saying the album was added but the icon keeps loading (circular movement). I have to close roon totally and restart it then it shows the heart next to the album.

The problem with this is if I don’t close and re-open roon then when I added a track to my playlist it won’t show the track is added to the playlist in album view.

You can see the number of tracks on your Home page. What is it?

38346 Tracks

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